Gaeruhn, the Flesheater

God of the Flesh


Gaeruhn is the god of vengeance and pestilence. He is the younger brother of Kiravor, the Harbinger of Death. After stealing the essence of fire from Vra’lithe, he controls fire and the sun.

Desires to corrupt souls and consume them for power.

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Evil, Fire, Law, Repose, Sun

Subdomains: Arson, Ash, Cannibalism, Plague, Slavery, Souls, Thirst, Tyranny

Preferred Weapon: Khopesh

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Of Creation and the Greater Spirits by Enasilaor, the Keeper of History for the Aleamitore House of First Elves, excerpt…

Of the Greater Spirits, it was Gaeruhn and his older brother, Kiravor that first brought hate and jealousy out of the void and into the Ether. When Kiravor retreated from the Ether and Amus, he found his brother, Gaeruhn, in the void and opened the younger’s mind to the Ether. After a time, they came out of the void and saw the power that those spirits held. They coveted their power and conspired to take power rather than create it. Gaeruhn found that each spirit was comprised of energy made from the Ether and that he could consume their energy with little effort rather than gather the energy from the Ether.


In a time after the Great Awakening, Gaeruhn sought out the weak of mind and spirit. He found the greed of dwarves a weakness to exploit the mortal race. The dwarven priests of Gaeruhn are known as the Sons of the Flesh. And though they were defeated by the priests of Calledrym and Mylesar, driving this sect into hiding in 962 EC, it is said they still terrorize some of the dwarven settlements. The Orb of Gaeruhn is set in a golden scpeter held by the highest ranking priest. It is reportedly in the possession of the dwarven king in BallyndĂ´m.

Gaeruhn, the Flesheater

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