Grahlithe, the Twisted

God of Secrets & Shadows



Grahlithe, the Twisted. He’s often referred to as the Lord of Lies by the dwarves. He’s a spin doctor; a politician by nature. While he is not out-right lying, he will manipulate the truth for his own benefit. He will often use words and promises to get what he wants, but the unsuspecting should be careful of him. For he will use those words to his own advantage often delivering what he wants, not the recipient of his “lies”.

Alignment: Neutral

Domains: Charm, Darkness, Knowledge, Rune, Trickery

Subdomains: Captivation, Deception, Espionage (Knowledge), Innuendo, Language, Loss, Shadows (Darkness), Trap

Preferred Weapon: Dagger

Grahlithe, the Twisted

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