Aegean Hobgoblin Rogue


Bonded Soul: Querkus Windrazor (Half-Elven Druid)

Gruskorb’s older brother, Wrell, and their middle sister, Gleena, had a rare meeting. It was for the funeral of his mother, Yish. The trio hadn’t been close since their early youth. Wrell had a job in a security detail for a merchant caravan. Gleena was a talented apothecary and held a well-respected shop. Both were seen as successes in their own right, but Gruskorb had struggled to find reputable work. His brother and sister intuited his shadier dealings, but they brought them to the fore during this supper alone.

The Master’s Whip (Weapon Bond)
Armor of the Drake (Armor Bond)
Chimera’s Tail Trinket Necklace (Item Bond)



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