Korlez, the Formless

God of Lycanthropes & Shapeshifters



Korlez was at one time a very weak deity in the Ether. However, through deceit and deception, he has gained much power and prestige. His power lies in the fact that he often deceives his victims by transforming into another being and surprising his victims as he shifts to his true form. Korlez’s true form is that of a physically deformed humanoid with four arms. The majority of his flesh appears to be melted and dripping from his gaunt frame. Rarely, does Korlez show his true form. Instead, he appears as a beautiful human, standing over ten feet tall with four arms, each hand having razor sharp claws.

Korlez’s disciples come from every race and are very devoted to him. The implement of Korlez is a highly polished disc of onyx. The disc is usually worn as an ornamental piece of jewelry. Disciples of Korlez must spend at least one hour during the night in silent worship. This worship is always done in private. Korlez forbids any type of arcane magic to be practiced by his disciples. Korlez will strip a disciple’s powers immediately upon breaking this command and will encourage other disciples to hunt down and destroy the blasphemer.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Strength, Trickery

Subdomains: Deception, Demon (Chaos), Demon (Evil), Ferocity, Fur, Moon, Night, Self-Realization (Strength)

Preferred Weapon: Natural.

Notes: Priests and Warpriests of Korlez can grow claws at will at 1st level. The claws do 1d4 damage for a medium sized humanoid. The damage die for warpriests follows their normal progression. For clerics, at 8th level, the claws increase by one die; at 12th level, the priest gains a 1d6 bite attack; and at 15th level both the claws and the bite advance another die.

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Of all the Docti, Korlez was born with an understanding form and substance. He understood shapes and size, and taught the first of the mortals to take note of fleeting beauty of the mortal body. He delighted as time passed and the first men grew stronger and the women grew fertile. He recognized the power of flesh but did not covet it. He opened their minds to the endless ideas of transmutation.

But Korlez did not understand time for the great spirit was born before time. Korlez became enraged when he saw that the humans would wither and die in time. He came to Amus and demand that she stop the flow of time so that the men and women that Korlez had taught to alter their form would live forever. Yet, Amus knew more of what was to come and knew that mortality was a gift not a curse. Korlez then sought to fool time and he taught the first humans to alter themselves and live within a false form. But time could not be deceived, and they still perished to Korlez’s dismay.

When his brothers and sisters conceived new life and made the elves, dwarves, gnomes and hobgoblins, Korlez could not conceive life but took a thought in darkness and reshaped mortals into beasts that were part human and part beast. In the cover of night, the great spirit transformed mortals into lycans and made their condition hidden, so that in the light the other spirits would not have known what he had done.

As his mind became more twisted and tormented, Korlez began to hate his brethren and sisters and sought to destroy all that they created as he could not create but only manipulate.

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Korlez, the Formless

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