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In the beginning, magic was the manipulation of energy across time and space. In its most simple form it was divination; that is, knowing what will be or what has occurred. It was visions. It was thought. It was tapping into the Temporal Threads within the Ether and willing that thread into existence upon the Material Plane. The Ealintaine were able to connect directly to the Ether and search the infinite threads of time and space. Their ability to pull energy from the Ether knows no bounds. The Godlings, however, cannot directly connect with the Ether. While in the Material Plane, these lesser spirits relied upon the leylines created by the Ealintaine to view the Temporal Threads and draw energy from the ethereal world. A mortal using his or her own free will can tap the Ether and cast arcane magic, or the mortal could open themselves to the will of the gods and cast divine magic.

Arcane Casting

Wizards tend to divide themselves in several different schools, as each uses the ether in its own way to achieve its own result. Under the tutelage of Lorrynor, many of the mortals studied the mysteries of the cosmos, and were able to draw raw energy fro m the Ether. This proved to powerful for the mortal creatures, and many were destroyed by their discoveries. In time, they learned to focus and open just a small portal to the Ether from which to draw energy or reflect upon the infinite Temporal Threads. To focus their access the Ether, these mortals, known as wizards, require the use of an arcane bond to focus their thought and make a connection to the ether. Through that bond, they are able to manipulate the energy of the Ether to affect thought or matter upon the Material Plane. Bærwynnd was the first to discover the use of arcane bonds in this way. Sorcerers focus their own bloodlines to access and enter the Ether. While many of them use arcane bonds to further amplify their abilities, it is not necessary to maintain one. Additionally, all arcane casters have found that they can use leylines to create added effects to their magic, albeit at cost of control.

During the Reign of the Ealintaine, when the the greater spirits ruled their subjects, the priests of the Ealintaine convened, and together they issued the Proclamation Prohibitae, outlawing the practice of arcane magic. They listed the Seven Artes Magicae or Artes Prohibitae as:

  • Geomancy – divination through the earth
  • Hydromancy – divination through water
  • Aeromancy – divination through the air
  • Pyromancy – divination through fire
  • Chiromancy – divination through flesh & blood.
  • Osteomancy – divination through bones
  • Necromancy – divination through the dead

At the end of the Godling Wars, seven beings, knowns as the Magi, took the knowledge of the Ealintaine and bound them to Ether. While bound, the Ealintaine cannot cross the barrier between the Ether and the Void. The four primary elemental Magi became known as the Foundation Magi. The three other Magi were consumed by their discoveries and faded from memory and history.

Following the Binding of the Ether, Bærwynnd, the Diviner, built the Bright Tower in the Vale of Talanor and began to instruct mortals in the. arcane arts. He took apprentices and formed the first arcane school, Divination. In time, mortals who gained a deep understanding of the Ether, formed the other arcane schools and took the title of Hazard along with Bærwynnd. As the ages wore on, the various schools and Hazards consolidated into the eight schools of arcane magic: Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy and Transmutation.

Divine Casting

Divine casters also acknowledged these schools of magic, not as an authority but as a way to organize and understand the form in which the ether may present itself. Divine casters receive their power from their dedication as a disciple of a god. They use divine bonds to bypass the Binding of the Ether and allow the will of their god to affect the Ether and the Material Plane.

Primal Casting

Some casters use the Primal Bonds to access leylines created from when the Ealintaine transported themselves through the Ether to the Material Plane. These bonds intensify the leylines, allowing the inherent connections of the caster to the Ether to flow through the Primal Planes.

Air Casting

Blood Casting

Bone Casting

Death Casting

Earth Casting

Fire Casting

Water Casting

Ritual Casting

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Arcana - Magic

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