Most of the world has been destroyed, and most of the inhabitants have been sucked into the rift before the Hazard could contain it. Bærwynnd, the 1st Hazard of Talanor… the most powerful Diviner in a millennium… had inadvertently come close to destroying the known world. But Amus, the Elder, intervened and a handful of mortals were saved at the last moment and have awoken in the summoning room inside Talanor, the Bright Tower. Before them stands the Hazard locked in an epic struggle to keep the rift sealed. They remember having felt their souls being ripped from their mortal flesh. Just as they witnessed the same happen to others moments before being consumed by the singularity. They hear the Hazard, in their minds, Help me… there is little time… my power is waning and I cannot hold the rift sealed… help me.

Campaign Overview

In 7995 E.C., the world has been torn apart by magic. A singularity opened within Talanor, the Bright Tower, has terraformed the ring-world into a shard-world. This is known as the Shaping. Most of the surface dwelling races were decimated, especially those close to Talanor. The more distant lands had less impact. The singularity was created when Bærwynnd, the 1st Hazard of Talanor, opened a portal directly into the Ether. He projected himself into the pure energy attempting to learn its secrets. He encountered the thoughts of Kiravor who was reaching out from the void to touch his followers. Kiravor used this direct connection to begin to consume the world. While Bærwynnd hopes to contain the singularity, known as the Vortex, he sends the party to find the other Hazards. Only together can they hope to save the world.

Divination – Bærwynnd (Talanor)

Bærwynnd will send them after Sivantanpisil at the Tower of Necromancy.

Encounters: 2nd Level

Encounters: 3rd Level

Encounters: 4th Level

Necromancy – Sivantanpisil (Pyrae)

Sivan refuses to leave Pyrae as only he can protect Pyrae from certain destruction. He asks the party to retrieve the Staff of Stoorjian in the crypts below the Tower. They can take the staff to Bærwynnd to aid him. Following recovery of the staff, the party is transported to the top of the tower where they see that the city is lost, crumbling into space. Sivantanpisil agrees to take the staff, but pleas with the party to go to the Hazard of Conjuration deep in the heart of the Kingdom of Haemil. He apparates them into Kragenwood as the Tower is overtaken by undead. Taking the staff, he departs for Talanor but not before giving them the key to the Tower, “just in case”.

In Kragenwood, they discover the fate of Querkus’ ancient glade and salvage the sapling.

Encounters: 5th Level

  • The Tower of Necromancy – The party explores the crypts below the Tower of Necromancy and recover the Staff of Stoorjian.

Encounters: 6th Level

  • The Dying Chestnut Tree – The party witnesses the death of the ancient chestnut tree but are able to save its rootstock. Querkus, the druid residing in Gruskorb takes comfort in knowing that the tree’s “memories” will not be lost.
  • The Highmark Keep – The party sieges the small keep atop the winding stairs that lead to the plains of Haemil. Within the keep they find several gnoll slayers and a powerful gnoll commander wielding an ornate greataxe. In the officer’s quarters, a candle sits on the desk on a small brass disk. The candle is made from the wax of the elder bees, made by the hands of Amus. A note from the scout to the commander detailing the armies plans.
  • Skirmish upon the Plains of Haemil

Conjuration – Rhykal (Haemil)

Haemil is a great mountain city that was first constructed by the lesser Ealintaine during the Godling wars as a refuge. It is split in an upper and lower section with a 300’ cliff. 700’ tall walls carved from the mountains surround and protect the city. The structures are grand and elegant if not intimidating. A raging river (that originates from the Plane of Water) separates the upper city and flows into the ravine.

The power of the rift was not great enough to suck the souls of the people this far out upon the legs of the world. But as the world dies, the Hazard must supply them with food and water to live. The hazard needs their help to activate the Teleportation Circles that are at the locations of all the Hazards. They must first repair the portal at the Tower of Conjuration. To do so, they must recover Amber Dust as the component to activate the teleportation circles which is located within the Shrine of the Summoner. Ralloryss, the Hearty was the first summoner.. he called the creatures of the world to the battles of the Godling Wars. It was his offspring, Brandaynë that learned to teleport. She was mother of Dryads and would move from tree to tree. She planted an Aspen in the gardens of Ralloryss. When this shrine to the god, was consumed by an earthquake during the Godling Wars, the deep refuge became its home. The sap hardened into an Amber and the tree become petrified. [Something] grinds at the amber to make the dust. A shard of this ancient amber was said to be the key to the Teleportation Circles.

Encounters: 7th Level

  • The Encounter at the River Bend – The party comes upon 3 storm hags huddled over a pool of water that has formed at a bend in the Great River leading to the Shrine of the Summoner. A short, but nasty battle ensues in which the party dispatches two of the hags before the third vanishes in the night sky. Afterwards, Truk’tosh is befriended by a Mamiwa found in the pool.

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