Ethereal Realm - Forms of Magic

In the lands of Esteparon, magic is the manipulation of energy across time and space. In its most simple form it is divination, that is, knowing what will be or what has occurred. It is visions. It is thought.

Magic can be divided by the conduit. A person using his own free will can tap the Ether and cast arcane magic. Or that person can open themselves to the will of the gods and cast divine magic. While magic is sourced from the same place, the Ether, it manifests differently depending on the conduit.

During the Reign of Tranquility, when the the Greater Spirits ruled their subjects, the priests of many religions and cults convened and issued the Proclamation Prohibitae, outlawing the practice of arcane magic. They listed the 7 Artes Magicae or Artes Prohibitae.

1. Geomancy – divination through the earth
2. Hydromancy – divination through water
3. Aeromancy – divination through the air
4. Pyromancy – divination through fire
5. Chiromancy – divination through flesh & blood.
6. Osteomancy – divination through bones
7. Necromancy – divination through the dead

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Ethereal Realm - Forms of Magic

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