History - The Timeline

Reign of the Ealintaine

Creation of the Ether and the Start of Time

  • Amus, the Elder takes form in the Void and gives life to the Ethereal Realm
  • The Divinium took shape in the Void
  • Teysura and Kiravor enter the Ether creating life and death, in turn.
  • Amus conceives Time to balance life and death, and Kiravor withdraws to the Void.
  • Forging of the World
  • Teysura creates the known world, shaping it with the Ether.
  • Calledrym enters the Ether and bears witness to the world, claiming dominion over the skies.
  • Celestri follows Calledrym from the void and marvels that all that Teysura had created. She discovers the Harmonic Wave and its effect on the Ether and uses it to enter the Material Plane, walking upon the world.
  • Vra’Lithe emerges from the void and sets the Sun in motion around the world.
  • Seven thoughts become aware in the void and become The Docti, the Learned.

Coming of Man & the Great Awakening

  • Gaeruhn reveals the idea of flesh to Amus who creates the human race, giving the gift of life to woman and granting death to man so that they can feel time pass.
  • Man’s thought awakens the Docti who impart knowledge to man from the ether.
  • Selefahn comes out of the void to usher man back to the Ether upon death.
  • Feanithol stirs in the Void as knowledge is lost to Time.
  • Celestri enters the Material Plane, walking upon the world.
  • Teysura begets her children, the Inherents.
  • Lorrynor’s thought of pure logic give life to the elves.
  • Thaedymar conceives of the dwarves giving them life.
  • Celestri teaches the elves to sing, awakening Veavys from revelry.
  • Grahlithe creates the hobgoblins in his image.
  • Veavys comes to the world and creates the halflings.
  • Celestri retreats to the oceans.
  • Korlez transforms some of the first men into lycanthrope in his attempt to reimagine them.

The Godling Wars

  • Kiravor and Gaeruhn returned to the Ether and began to destroy the world.
  • Celestri rises from the Oceans to oppose Kiravor.
  • Celestri hallowed the Rynin Sea.
  • Solinthol, elven prince, calls out to Calledrym for aide but is left unanswered.
  • Faenithol hears the pleas of Solinthol and comes from the Void, teaching mortals to pray to the gods.
  • Gaeruhn consumes the Sun and darkness descends upon the world.
  • The Ealintaine grant power to the mortals but do not come from the Ether.
  • Vra’Lithe confronts Gaeruhn but is instead recruited by Kiravor to burn the world.
  • Calledrym and Mylesar teach the elves to take arms against Kiravor.
  • Lorrynor takes the form of a dragon and is consumed by Gaeruhn.
  • Dasyra comes last from the Void making the stars in the night sky and conceiving the gnomes. She opposes Kiravor and Gaeruhn. The elves befriend her and create the Crystal Scythe for her.
  • Gaeruhn enslaves Elanil and forces the knowledge of alchemy from her.
  • Korlez sends his minions to battle for Kiravor and Gaeruhn.
  • Elanil, driven mad, escapes from Gaeruhn.
  • Amus shows Vra’Lithe a vision of the future where world is burnt to ash, and Vra’lithe retreats to the Void.
  • Dasyra slices open Gaeruhn who bursts sending pure ethereal energy into the world and creates the dragons.
  • Lorrynor emerges unscathed from Gaeruhn’s belly bringing the Sun with her.
  • Gaeruhn flees into the depths of the world and Korlez retreats to the shadows.
  • Kiravor kills Dasyra, the first Ealintaine to die. Selefahn embraces her spirit and sets it among the stars she created where her thoughts reform.
  • Aeyss, the silver dragon, along with Sacryff, the paladin, descends into the earth in search of Gaeruhn.
  • Vra’Lithe is consumed with the loss of Dasyra and returns to the Ether to ask the Ealintaine to intervene.
  • Selefahn shows Vra’Lithe the secret to avatars.
  • Vra’Lithe becomes the Avatar of Fire and leads the Ealintaine to the world.
  • Calledrym defeats Kiravor claims dominance over the Ether.
  • Thaedymar bestows power upon the Magi who seal off the Ether from the Material Plane.

Reign of Tranquility

1 E.C. – Vallenjos crowned King of Esteparon in Firsthaven
23 E.C. – Baren’del established
315 E.C. – Bærwynnd discovers the vale of Talanor and builds the Bright Tower declaring himself the 1st Hazard of Talanor.
862 E.C. – Rise of Leyrtisian Empire
973 E.C. – Rift of Magic
1143 E.C. – Fall of the Vallens
1204 E.C. – Found of the Dukedom of Talanor
1678 E.C. – Founding of Greyton by the Aleamitore House of First Elves
2715 E.C. – King of Esteparon build the Roc’s Nest in the mountains above the Vale of Talanor.
3251 E.C. – Brynaen I arrives in Quonos
4266 E.C. – The Dragon King of Esteparon kills the Hazard of Quonos
4285 E.C. – The First Gathering of the Hazards
4289 E.C. – The Dragon King is killed by Duke Khaelvn III, Lord of Quonos; Firsthaven destroyed; the Nobility of Esteparon continue to be buried in the necropolis; but don’t recognize a King of Esteparon.

Reign of Hazards

4291 E.C. – The Second Gathering of the Hazards
6322 E.C. – Founding of Avendale by Avenius, the Just
7682 E.C. – Mälekoor reclaimed the title of Hazard of Necromancy and the tower becoming the 11th Hazard of Pyrae.
7995 E.C. – 20th of Loris – Bærwynnd opens the rift to the Ether

History - The Timeline

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