Mortals - Mortal Ancestories

Mortal Ancestries

The following races are allowed for play in all campaigns. Note that the racial ability modifiers for many races and sub-races may have been modified.


This slender woman’s skin is unnaturally pale, her hair is dark, and each of her eyes is a different color. An uncommon daughter of a hag, Changelings have been a known, albeit mistreated, caste. Prior to the Shaping, they were often burned upon discovery.


Created by their beloved god, Thaedymar, the Judge, dwarves thrive in law and order. Although over the ages, they have been known to act both for the good and ill of the world.


The second race of mortals, the elves were created by Lorrynor, the Sage to inspire logic and understanding of the Ether. At their creation, Lorrynor gifted the first elves the ability to perceive the harmonic wave in its entirety. Thus, they had a complete view of the future as well as the ramifications of any possible action.


This gaunt man appears drained of color, like a person viewed at twilight or in a dark alley. The Shaping opened several portals from their home world to the deep caverns beneath Eastgate and the Great Southern Gate, sending many fletchings through the portals without their knowledge or intent.


Conceived by Dasyra, the Shining Star at the height of the Godling Wars, gnomes lust for inspiration and obsess over learning. Their reverence for the Shining Star is unparalleled.


When Grahlithe, the Twisted, created the hobgoblins, the god envisioned a race as strong in arms as Mylesar, as graceful as Veavys and as clever as he. When the greats wars started, the hobgoblins proved their maker’s intentions true, as the armies of the hobgoblins were the most feared of all the mortal races.


These bright spirited mortals were created by Veavys, the Dreamer. They revel in her songs and verses, singing along with the goddess and enjoying the fruits of life, until the Shaping.


Often the result of an unlikely union between an elf and a human, many half-elves find themselves lost in a world, feeling alone and outcast. Yet, little known is that the Riders of Haemil are the result of an arranged marriage between the Lord of Haemil and the Head of House Inæthrÿrum of the First Elves.


Shunned in most of the civilized lands as abominations, in the First Lands to the east of the Iron Mountains, half-orcs are given places of honor amongst the tribes of both men and orcs.


The first race of mortals, Humans were conceived by Amus, the Elder. Yet, her thoughts were corrupted by Gaeruhn, the Flesheater, and so too is man corrupted by the Flesheater.


This elegant dressed woman has the head and bushy tail of a well-groomed fox. Cursed to walk the earth with no homeland, legends of the Kitsune suggest that they may have been part of a line of noblity of Esteparon in past ages.


The children of Faenithol, the Devoted, these exotic people of the lost lands of Xashari wander the world in search of enlightenment. Samsarans are ancient creatures even in their youth. Their life is not a linear progression from birth to death, but rather a circle of birth to death to rebirth, all the while retaining vague memories of past lives.


This man seems human at first, but a closer look reveals he has claws and sharp teeth. Skinwalkers have been known to exist since the Godling Wars but few are seen or discovered as persecution is prevalent.


This pale, waifs woman, her hair waving in a nonexistent breeze, looks as if she might fade away into mist entirely at any minute.


This small, ratlike humanoid has a twitching, whiskered snout, pointed ears, and a long, leathery tail. Living in the catacombs beneath the ancient cities of the Vale of Talanor, Ratfolk have recently surfaced to explore the devastated surface of the Known World.


This blue-haired, blue-skinned man moves with a liquid grace. His ears are fin-lie, and his hands and feet are webbed.

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Mortals - Mortal Ancestories

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