Realms - Avendale


Avendale is a walled city on the edge of the Oakwood Forest. All trees within ½ mile are cut down. The walls are 20’ thick and 40’ feet high. It is constructed from Blood Granite quarried from the southern Shadow Mountains.

The free city of Avendale is the home of the hobgoblins. The three sects of hobgoblins all share control of the government which is a stratocracy. Gruskorb would have originated here although his backstory probably led him else where and into captivity.

Politics & Social Structure

Avenell is a kingdom of Avenian Hobgoblins, who worship Calladrym. An Arbiter, a Marshall and a Dictator make up a governing body to administer and defend “the realm”. The Arbiter is chosen from a general election every two years. The Marshall is a hereditary title held for life. The Dictator is randomly deteremined every five years. Each city outside the capital, Narwell, also has the three similar leaders





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Realms - Avendale

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