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This Kingdom was built through conquest by Vallenjos. It’s capital was Firsthaven and was a feudal system under a ruling monarch. After several generations, the kingdom was torn apart by a revolt amongst the nobility. The king was killed and Firsthaven was sacked and burned. There were seven dukedoms; Alarid, Axteil, Basgeil, Derncape, Quonos, Talanor and Wynstil. Each Dukedom (except Talanor) is still ruled by a noble family. There is a complex pattern of treaties and alliances between the dukedoms against any common enemies, including other Dukedoms. The noble family of Talanor died out not long after the revolt against the king. The First Hazard who had long been a resident of the Tower is considered by many to be the ‘leader’ but he had left much of the control of the city in the hands of an elected senate that was quite corrupt. Talanor is set in the Shadow Mountains with an east and south subterranean entrance.

The Dukedoms

A majestic and ancient city built upon the ruins of many cultures. The ruling family is from an ancient line of druids that once roamed the Krebem Woodlands from Alarid to the Stronghold of Vryost along the Northern Sea. The current ruler is Duke Angaidh Dùghlasach. This stoic ruler is quietly feared by many of the other Dukes of Esteparon. He has built few alliances among the dukedoms, but his warriors are fearless and savage in battle.

The glorious southern stronghold is built from the blood marble of the Shadow Mountains along the Alterian Sea. The elderly ruler of this Dukedom is Duke Leodegar Theutgaud. His strongest allies are Duke Tygard II of Wynstil and the Stratocracy of Avenell. The walls of this city have withstood all assailants since its founding over 3,000 years ago.

Derdarian Kagurkh is the 19th Hazard of Axteil. A hobgoblin of noble stature, his cousin is the Marshall of the Stratocracy of Avenell.

Originally built as a naval stronghold, this city has patrolled the central Rynin Sea being ever vigilant of the rising threat of Leyrtisian Empire. The current Duke of Basgeil is Theodrekr Kritikou, who succeeded his aunt, Kassia Kritikou, who died without an heir. For three years, Basgeil was ruled by a senate of the elite families of the city. Finally, Theodrekr returned to Basgeil having sailed for five years in the Rynin Sea defending the city from the Leyrtisians.

The newest Dukedom, Derncape is still finding itself and its voice among the nobles of Esteparon. Derncape is an industrial port city located on the border between the human and elvish kingdoms and is ruled by the just hand of Lord Fanelwen. Securing the trade routes between his city and the nearest trading partners is his greatest concern.

The Ruins of First Haven
Once the seat of the Kingdom of Esteparon, this city is in ruins but still sits upon the necropolis used to bury the high nobles of the Dukedoms.

Duke Eignach Ó Daimhín is the current ruler of Quonos. A good and fair ruler, he seeks to bring prosperity to his people and protect them from the growing, dark threat of the necropolis under Firsthaven.

Zylstra is 77th Hazard of Evocation in the Quonos line of Hazards, the heir to the seat of the Evokers following the sacking of Firsthaven.

The City of the Night, Wynstil, is led by the young Duke Tygard II. On the edge of the Alterian Wastelands, the city was home to hardened noble houses bred to defend Esteparon against the aggression of the tribal barbarians to the west of the Shadow Mountains.


Esteparon was once a magnificent kingdom that dominated the Rynin Sea. But with power came vanity, greed, envy… and evil. Esteparon was corrupted by its own power and soon turned to dark magic to further increase their power. The dark magic slowly consumed them. Axgar, the King of Esteparon had six legitimate children.

As was customary, his eldest son, Zocon, was the crown prince and next in line to assume the throne. The five younger children (Raktin, Ssvanti, Thavian, Uaeas and Vizzionn) were learned in the magical arts. The Zocon was strong in body but weak in will. Upon his coronation, he named his siblings to his personal council. They conspired with demons and other unnatural powers and soon fully controlled the entire Kingdom. They corrupted the kingdom even further until the Dukes rebelled and destroyed the King, his counsel and the entire capital city with the help of the Hazards. In exchange, the Dukes allowed the Hazards to build towers within the walls of each dukedom.

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Realms - Dukedoms

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