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Haemil is a majestic city built upon the foothills of the Iron Mountains. Earthenwork, the earthen fortress that surrounds the city was built by the gods, they say. Calledrym is said to have established it as his stronghold during the great wars against Kiravor. The sheer granite walls of the fortress are one hundred feet high and nearly as thick. Two massive doors of oak bound by iron stand ready to seal the city off from the rest of the world. It’s been three generations of Kings since the doors have been drawn closed as no one has dared to attack the city in ages.

It is a magnificent city governed by a human king. A working class of gnomes and halflings live in abundance there. Elves and dwarves are regarded with suspicion as they are just rare. Haemil has a large calvary that patrols the plains to the west of the mountains for several hundred miles. There are small outposts for these patrols to inhabit as they guard the kingdom, but are otherwise unmanned. The city walls are naturally formed but hand-carved from the mountains beyond recollection. The city has several tiers with tinkered platforms that raise and lower to allow access to the higher tiers. A subterranean river supplies the water for the city. A clockwork tower built into the divide between the Lower City and the next level is the seat of the Hazard of Conjuration.

This human dominated kingdom has a very small nobility that has interbred with elves making the entire nobility half-elf. The common man is pure human. Lore would suggest that the Kings of Haemil imbued the essence of a godling during the wars, granting them long life. The kingdom and its nobility is very benevolent and has strong support from the commoners. They have little naval power but massive standing armies. Their cavalry is renowned.

[The nobles of Haemil, while having elven blood, it is in the deep past… so, you may select either human or 1/2 elf, but in either case you look very much human. 1/2 elf’s just receive “the gift”. The line of succession to the crown is the eldest living heir with “the gift”. If no heir, then it goes back to brothers and sisters of the crown, etc. At times, the crown has skipped sons and daughters of the King/Queen and gone to a cousin or aunt/uncle or even further. Detailed records of all the noble lines are kept in Haemil.]

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Haemil is one center of worship of Calledrym.

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Realms - Kingdom of Haemil

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