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The Kingdom of Haemil


The Kingdom of Haemil is an absolute monarchy set upon the Plains of Haemil, the plateaued plains of the north leading to the foothills of the Iron Mountains. The ancient city of Earthenwork, with its stone walls carved directly from the mountains that surrounds, is the capital of the kingdom. Legendarily, Earthenwork was built by the gods with Calledrym said to have established it as his stronghold during the Godling Wars. The sheer granite walls of the fortress are seven hundred feet high and over one hundred feet thick. Two massive doors of oak bound by iron stand ready to seal the city off from the rest of the world. Three dynasties of Kings have ruled since the doors have been drawn closed as no one has dared to march upon the city in ages.

Within the city the structures are grand and elegant if not intimidating.

The city is divided by the Cliffs of Gowhærn. These cliffs are more than three hundred feet high. A raging river carves through the upper city and flows over the cliffs in multiple places, disappearing into the ravine between the two tiers in a cloud of cool mist. Several gnome-tinkered platforms that raise and lower to allow access to the upper city. A magnificent tower built into the divide between the Lower City and the Upper City is the seat of the Hazard of Haemil.

The Timeline of the Kingdom of Haemil

Social Structure

It is a magnificent city governed by a half-elven king. A working class of gnomes and halflings live in abundance there. Elves and dwarves are regarded with suspicion as they are just rare. Haemil has a large calvary that patrols the upper plains to the west of the mountains for several hundred miles. There are small outposts for these patrols to inhabit as they guard the kingdom, but are otherwise unmanned. The city walls are naturally formed but hand-carved from the mountains beyond recollection.

This kingdom is dominated by the clan of humans known as the Aertens. A very small nobility interbred with elves during and just following the Godling wars making the entire nobility half-elven. The commoners are pure human. Lore would suggest that the Kings of Haemil were imbued the essence of a godling during the wars, granting them long life. The kingdom and its nobility is very benevolent and has strong support from the commoners. They have little naval power but massive standing armies with their cavalry being renowned amongst the mortals.


The Kingdom is an absolute monarchy, currently ruled by the Helluddar Krögen XIX. The Krögen-line has ruled Haemil for 347 years.

The nobles of Haemil are blessed with having elven blood within their family lines. All nobles look very much human, however, half-elves have received “the gift”. The line of succession to the crown is the eldest living heir with “the gift”. If no heir, then it goes back to brothers and sisters of the crown, etc. At times, the crown has skipped sons and daughters of the King/Queen and gone to a cousin or aunt/uncle or even further. Detailed records of all the noble lines are kept in Haemil.

Succession Line to the Throne

  1. King Helluddar Krögen XIX
  2. Crown Prince Jannik Krögen – eldest child of the king
  3. Princess Anelei Krögen – youngest child of the king
  4. Leonhaerd Krögen – brother to the king
  5. Giseila Krögen – Leonhard’s eldest child
  6. Waltemar Krögen – Leonhard’s second child
  7. Wehnzel Krögen – Leonhard’s third child
  8. Gunther Krögen – Leonhard’s youngest child
  9. Sabinne Krögen-Gilkort – sister to the king
  10. Erdmunde Krögen-Gilkort – Sabine’s eldest child
  11. Nadja Krögen-Gilkort – Sabine’s second child
  12. Idelmar Krögen-Gilkort – Sabine’s third child
  13. Didrik Krögen-Gilkort – Sabine’s youngest child
  14. Lieselle Daelbrück – cousin to the king
  15. Fabianne Daelbrück – Lieselle’s eldest child
  16. Reinharn Daelbrück – Lieselle’s youngest child








The calvary is split into 6 major units, each led by a Captain. The calvary is charged with guarding and patrolling the Plains of Haemil.

Earthenwork is manned by the City Command. It is mainly comprised of infantry that guard the walls, patrol the city streets.

[King’s Guard]


Haemil is one centers of worship of Calledrym in all of Æustëra.

Church of the Tempest Eternal

The dominant religion in Earthenwork dedicated to the king of the gods, Calledrym, the Whispering Wind.

Temple of the First Light

A network of churches found in most major cities of the known world. They are governed by a conclave of clerics dedicated to Teysura. The Temple in Earthenwork is led by its High Priestess, Becah Tyuyvord.

Points of Interest



Earthenwork, with its stone walls carved directly from the mountains that surrounds, is the capital city.

Highmark Keep

A small fortified outpost along the western cliffs on the Plain of Haemil.

Whitefalls Keep

A fortified castle along the northern border of the Kingdom of Haemil.

Notable NPC’s

Becah Tyuyvord – High Priestess of the Temple of First Light
Foramdar Waerfel- Captain of the Riders of Haemil, 3rd Calvary
Helluddar Krögen XIX – King of Haemil & Stewart of Earthenwork
Rhykal – Sixteenth Hazard of Haemil

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