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Parthis is a free city under its own rule. It is a theocracy dedicated to Celestri, the Vengeful. She is the Lady of the Oceans. Many good-aligned gods have temples here, but the ruling class is the priestesses of Celestri.

Politics & Social Structure

Priestesses of Celestri are given secular duties to administer the city’s functions by the conclave of high priestesses. These roles often come with a title, but different priestesses rotate through the titles and functions every couple of years. The Faithful are divided at anointment into four sects:

The Sirens administer the religious duties to the common people. They run the temples and other religious sites. The Governesses sit in judgement to decide most matters brought to the divine courts of Parthis.





Simply referred to as The Faith, most native inhabitants of Parthis worship Celestri, the Vengeful. The faith is governed by the Sirens, a conclave of eight priestesses of the Celestri. They ascend to Siren status for life following a ritual that lasts for several days in which all the priestess, known as the Faithful, participate. The selection is said to be made by the goddess herself.

While men are permitted to serve the Faithful as part of the Cerulean, the warrior priests that lives to protect the true leaders of the Faith. The Cerulean wear armor tinted blue and often adorn their bodies with wode of the same hue. Legends of The Faith suggest that a race of beings, tinted blue, served the goddess during the Godling Wars. The Cerulean are said to represent those customs.

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Realms - Parthis

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