Realms - Under Realms

The Iron Mountain Realms

Ballyndôm (The Shining Caverns)
Ballyndôm is ruled by Dungrim Thunderhammer.

The Shadow Mountain Realms

The Dwaren Realms of the Shadow Mountains were once connected by a vast underground highway that span several thousand leagues. These passages were invaded by the Drow and have now been shut off from the still functioning realms.

Eastgate (Kahae Edhekal)
The eastern entrance into the Vale of Talanor, Eastgate is a ruled by a council of noble families and supported by a massive standing militia along with the clerics of Mylesar. Deep beneath Eastgate lies the abandoned lower city overrun by fire goblins and flame drakes.

The Great Southern Gate (Bak’kadre Edhekal)
Known to the dwarves as Kal’anakrun, this complex of winding tunnels and towers is ruled by the Archon of Thaedymar. It is the southern entrance into the Vale of Talanor and also the most northern entrance

Kaladrym (Noble Halls)
Built by the dwarves during the Reign of Tranquility, this was the original entrance into the Vale of Talanor. It was built for a noble family of Esteparon who’s line died off. It is now managed by a colony of gnomes beholden to the Hazard.

* Kazumduhl (Dwarven Home)
Ruled by Bulgâr Ogrebane, the Dwarven Kingdom makes the finest armor in all the Known World.

Khondrym (Forgotten Halls)
Khondrym was once the capital city of the dwarven kingdom. It was destroyed in a massive war against the Drow in 4,012 EC during the Reign of Tranquility. Eärhe, the Hazard cast down the mountain top upon Khondrym burying the city and the Drow. Its location is unknown at this time. The Drow had awaken some vile creatures deep within the mountains and the dwarves have yet to move back into the Forge. As Mithril veins have gone dry, there has yet to be a major need to re-establish the Forge.

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Realms - Under Realms

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