Rules - Bonded Items

Magic Items of all types may be found, looted, worn, repurposed, destroyed. Certain magic items, often called ‘Artifacts’ or ‘Legendary Items’ may be imbued with magical essences to customize them. These items are bonded with the character.

Bonded Items

At 1st level, all characters start with an inherited item that they wear or wield. Depending on the class, this bonded item may be any category of masterwork quality, bonded item. At 3rd, 5th, 9th, 14th & 20th level, a character may bond with an additional item, provided that the character has found or created a suitable item of masterwork quality.

Categories of Bonded Items

Arcane Bonds – amulets, rings, wands, rods, staves or the similar
Divine Bonds – holy symbols, amulets, rings or the similar
Weapon Bonds – weapons; may also be used as arcane or divine bonds
Armor Bonds – armor & shields; may also be used as divine bonds
Slotted Wonderous Bonds – any worn item, such as rings, amulets, boots, gloves, robes, cloaks, belts, goggles, crowns, headbands, bracers, etc.
Slotless Wonderous Bonds – any other miscellaneous item

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Imbuing Essences
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Rules - Bonded Items

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