Rules - Miscellaneous

Acid Splash

Acid Splash is considered a splash weapon and, as such, affects swarms as any other splash weapon, i.e. vial of acid, alchemist’s fire, etc.

Crawling Withdraw

You can withdraw 10’ from a prone position as a full round action if the opponent is not aware that you are still an active threat. (Scenario #1) If you are tripped by the opponent, they know you are still a threat (even though you aren’t “threatening” their square mechanically), and therefore, you cannot withdraw crawling. (Scenario #2) If you are knocked unconscious and then healed and become conscious, they are not aware of you as a threat, and therefore you can withdraw. (Scenario #2b) If, after becoming conscious, you then attack from prone, cast a spell, etc., they are now aware of you, and therefore, you cannot subsequently withdraw from prone.

Critical Hits, Strikes & Misses

On the Nexus, combatants can make critical hits and have critical misses, and so can spell casters! A confirmed critical from a PC’s attack roll of a natural ‘20’, will also receive a random critical hit effect as determined by the GM. A PC’s or NPC’s attack foll of a natural ‘1’, will receive a random critical fumble effect as determined by the GM. Additionally, if a PC or NPC rolls a natural 20 with an attack in which she has weapon focus or spell focus, a confirmation roll is not required.

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Rules - Miscellaneous

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