The Calendar

The 357 days of the year make up the calendar is made up of 20 Months, each having a 18 days, except those months celebrating the Diviniun and Amus which have 19 days, and the first month of the year, known as the Nine Days of the Tarasque.

Nine Days of the Tarasque (9 days)

A month marked by the overlapping and eclipsing of the two full moons on the First Day of the Tarasque. Legends of the north suggest that only during the Nine Days of the Tarasque, can the seal between the known world and the ether be truly breached.

Celis (19 days)

A cold, icy month, revering the vengefulness of Celestri. The 10th of Celis is often celebrated as the Winter Solstice although the longest night of the year may vary by a day or so.

Jhaeris (18 days)

A month to honor the extended family and community during the long winter nights.

Gravilis (18 days)

A month where the sudden fluctuations in temperature often deceive the unwary into thinking that spring may come soon.

Calledais (19 days)

A month of celebrations to Calledrym as sun begins warm the days and the future looks bright and prosperous.

Rallis (18 days)

A month of hard work to begin preparations for the coming year.

Vevis (18 days)

A month of celebrations for the new spring which begins on the 1st of Vevis.

Teysuris (19 days)

A month of feasting as the world springs into bloom and provides a bounty.

Miravis (18 days)

Often considered the most favorable month as the rainy days of the spring turn into bright cheery days of summer. This month is dedicated to the beautiful goddess, Miravynn.

Faenis (18 days)

A month to remember the past and pray for the future.

Mylesis (18 days)

The bountiful month to celebrate the victories of the Ealintaine.

Vralis (19 days)

A hot, sweltering month were the sun is at its apex. The summer solstice will occur sometime in mid Vralis. The date is widely celebrated with a day of relaxation and merriment in the shade.

Thaedis (18 days)

A month to look at the growing fields and health of livestock to assess and judge the needs of the world during the coming fall and winter.

Valthis (18 days)

A month to honor and celebrate the close family. Many cultures believe that children born in the month of Valthis will become the next generations matriarchs and patriarchs.

Loris (18 days)

A month where knowledge and wisdom is best dedicated to the coming harvest. Lorrynor is prayed to as the season begins to change and the days become cooler with the lengthening nights.

Faelis (18 days)

A month of harvesting crops and reaping the rewards of the hard work of the long summer. Small ceremonies and quick blessings of Faelynn mark the glorious month.

Selefis (19 days)

As the leaves turn and the cycle of life overcomes the world, this month is dedicated to honoring Selefahn who reigns over death. The 1st of Selefis is the official start of Autum.

Dasyris (18 days)

This month is marked by the many stars that shine in the night sky often giving off a brilliance that can turn night into day. The constellations representing the Crystal Scythe of Dasyra are in the apex of the night sky. The joyous celebrations that begin this month give way to long nights of vigilant prayer. The 10th of Dasyris is the Winter’s Eve.

Elanis (18 days)

This month in noted for the endless nights where the dark, cold world begins to come to life taint even the most happy souls. The month is dedicated to the goddess Elanil.

Amusis (19 days)

The end of the year, marks the month dedicated to Amus. The followers of the Goddess of the Ether will worship the five elements of the universe and prepare for the End of Days.

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The Calendar

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