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The Planes of Existence

Beyond the confines of the known world, is the Cosmos, or to some people the Great Beyond. The Cosmos is made of many different planes, each of which is their own universe with its own natural laws. Conceptually, the Cosmos is a simplified and fictional interpretation of quantum physics as they relate to our existence; specifically, that thought, energy and matter are all related and interchangeable. The Void is the manifestation of thought and souls. The Ether is pure energy that was originally created by the gods and is continually replenished by mortals. Finally, the Material Plane is, of course, physical matter.

The Material Plane

At the center of the cosmos, is the Material Plane. The Material Plane is energy turned into matter. It consists of the sun, moons and Æustëra, the Known World.

The Ether

Surrounding the Material Plane is the Ether, a boundless source of both positive and negative energy.

The Primal Planes

These seven planes are manifestations of the basic building blocks of the universe. Each is made up of a single type of divine energy that overwhelms all others. The natives of a particular Primal Plane are often made of the same energy or element as the plane itself.

The Plane of Air


The Plane of Earth


The Plane of Fire


The Plane of Water


The Plane of Blood

The Plane of Blood is conceived as a vast sea of blood, swirling like a whirlpool as the ether flows into the plane as rain and is caught in the whirlpool.

The Plane of Bone

The Plane of Bone is a desolate wasteland of bones; mortals bones, bones of mystic and mythical creatures, dragons, ancient megladons.

The Plane of Death


The Temporal Wave

Consisting of both positive and negative energy, the Temporal Wave is a transitive plane made of the infinite cascades of time and possibility that interconnects the Void, the Ether, the Primal Planes and the Material Plane.

The Void

Beyond the Ether resides the Void, a unimaginable vastness of timeless thought to be where the first beings of the Cosmos first gained consciousness.

The Realm of Midian

Midian is plane that acts as a barrier between the Ether and the Void. Within the Realm of Midian, the Ealintaine have been bound by the Magi and are unable to access the Temporal Wave.

The Plane of Shadow

Plane of Shadows is the darkened edges of the Temporal Wave that flows from the void to the material plane. It is a transient plane that touches Midian, the Ether, the Primal Planes and the Material Plane.

The Demiplanes

Demiplanes are generally small, finite dimensions connected to the Ether. They are created when reality is sufficiently warped that small pieces of its substrate fragment and fuse together, thereby creating a stable dimension.

The Dreaming

A demiplane contiguous with the entirety of the First Lands. Here the Temporal Wave is set to a single moment in time: the founding of the First Lands.

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World - Planes

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