Jhaeros, the Mason

God of Architecture & Masonry



Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Atrifice, Earth, Good, Protection, Travel

Subdomains: Agathion, Caves, Exploration, Fortification, Petrification, Purity, Solitude, Trap

Preferred Weapon: Heavy Pick & Pickaxe

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Of Creation and the Greater Spirits by Enasilaor, the Keeper of History for the Aleamitore House of First Elves, excerpt…


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Lights in the Darkness by Maryann Lanta, Chanter of Parthis, Devoted Daughter of Faenithol, excerpt…

The true story of Jhaeros is seldom told outside the dwarven people. While the first mortals took delight in his works, they found his work beneath their station in life and wished only to enjoy the benefits of his work.

When the Craftsman, as he was called by the first mortals, first came out of the Void and took shape in the Ether, he looked beyond what Teysura and the other Ealintaine had wrought upon the world and sought to find the truth of all they had made. He first turned his thoughts to the earth and stone that was the foundation of the world. He looked deep within the stone and found the shape that the world desired. Taking his hammer, he struck the rock with his chisel and revealed the cornerstone of the great hall of Enwaard, man’s first home. His strikes were true and the stone revealed itself to be the pillar upon which the hall was built. Jhaeros toiled long under the sun to allow the truth of stone to be revealed. In the end, Narwell was built and all the Ealintaine and all the mortals hailed his craft.

He sought out the workers and servants to the first kings. They were the dwarves. Stout and hearty but of little joy. He found them in squalor and living a ragged life.

Yet the hall was not filled with life, so Jhaeros turned his thoughts to the forests and revealed the truth that is wood. He shaped them with his tools and found that many wished to be chairs, tables, beds, bowls, cups and many other things that man used.

When the dwarves first delved deep within the earth and found the gemstones, it was Jhaeros that taught them to reveal the beauty of each diamond, emerald, sapphire and ruby. When they found the veins of precious metals, he taught them to heat the metal and cast it. He filled their halls with beauty and they brought his works to the other mortals as gifts from their house.

Yet, it was Grahlithe that finally opened their eyes to the value of such gifts, and soon they began to covet such things that Jhaeros had wrought for them, and did not wish to give them freely. Jhaeros himself became corrupted with the mumbled words of the Twisted Lord. He desired his fair wages for his work, and demanded it from the first Kings and then from the dwarves directly. He grew bitter and departed the world finding comfort in the presence of Elanil who delighted in laughter and joy.

When the Godling wars began, he watched from afar and saw the truth he had revealed to the world be destroyed by Kiravor. He felt the pain of every item as it’s form was destroyed and its truth lost forever. He wept in the winter of the war as Elanil was lost and then found only to be a crazed shell of the former Last-Born Ealintaine. He looked into her heart and did not find the truth of the goddess only madness. Carrying the sorrowful thoughts and memories of all he had wrought and lost, he came to the Red Fields and stood alone in the great clearing with his brother Mylesar to first confront the power of the dark lords, Kiravor and Gaeruhn. Long had his hammer been lost and his tools forgotten, so he laid himself bare and fought with nothing but his hands. While his resolve was mighty and his heart true, the keen edge of Gaeruhn’s falchion cut him deeply and his knowledge spilled upon the earth. When his avatar finally succumbed to wounds and could not remain in the world, Elanil, for the first and only time since her madness had taken her, spoke of Gaeruhn. “He is leaving this new world and returning to his home within the Ether. Do not feel shame. The Lord of Flesh has taken you, my brother, but Mylesar remains and so to does hope. The truth of which you have shown the world.”

Jhaeros, the Mason

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