Noble Elven Conjurer


Bound Soul – Grunthrix (Half-orc Bard)

The Devil Ooze (Wand Bond)
Stormborn Robe (Robe Bond)
The Golden Scale (Item Bond)
Copper Giant Toes
Eimi’s Traveling Spellbook


Malthazir’s Profile

Malthazir was born in the far northern reaches of Esteparon, in Greyton, the elven cities ruled by a line of noble elves. The Aleamitore line has ruled the small city for centuries, after they wrestled control of it from a band of savage orcs. Malthazir was raised among the elites and nobles of society, learning how to memorize names and titles and how to properly address such people. As he came of age he showed a brilliant mind and an aptitude for magic, so he began studies into wizardry. Malthazir became the court magician of the Aleamitores. His grandparents gifted him a set of silken robes to display both his aptitude in magic as well as his noble standing.

Malthazir got immersed in the world of high society and politics, quickly earning a cold reputation of being a ruthless pragmatist. This earned him nods of approval from the more level-headed politicians, but a lot of dissenting opinions from others, including his own family which he was known to act against if he saw fit. Although the cunning wizard could be polite or charming when needed, more often during heated debates he came down upon his opponents with brutal and up-front logic. It didn’t help that he dabbled in magics that were considered unsavory, and when he used extracted essence to create a living salve infused with devil’s blood, even some of his relatives turned against him.

But Malta is not a world where nobles get to sit idly in their manors, watching time pass and enjoying the luxuries of life. Malthazir had begun seeing visions of a torn world in his slumber and was unable to rest, and reports of unusual ethereal energy disruptions have begun reaching the elves. Malthazir was brought in for magical counsel on how to best handle the situation, but the enemies he had earned in politics banded together and came up with the idea that it would be best to send Malthazir himself to handle the situation. They turned his cold logic strategy on him and obligated him to go. With a hard set to his jaw and a sour taste in his mouth, Malthazir gathered his things and left.

When he arrived at where the reports came from, he felt a sense of déjà vu from the visions he had seen in his dreams. A large wasteland with burned ground and boulders. He crept along with the hair on the back of his neck standing on end, heart racing as he searched about. He nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a voice talking in the distance. Malthazir went towards the voice and hugged a boulder, peeking around it. He saw a figure in robes next to what appeared to be a tear in the sky. He looked around just enough to show one eye, and that’s when the rift pulsed in a flash of blinding light. Malthazir felt a horrible burning sensation in his left eye, then the world went dark…


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