Miravynn, the Weaver

Goddess of Beauty & Perfection











Beauty, Chaos, Good, Plant, Scalykind


Greed, Protean, Restoration, Self-Realization (Liberation), Thorns, Venom, Weaving

Favored Weapon

Bladed Scarf


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Deific Obedience










Scholarly Texts

Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

by Enasilaor, the Keeper of History for the Aleamitore House of First Elves, excerpt…

What the Wise Know: A Compendium of Commentaries and Emendations on ’Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

by ??, excerpt…

Much ink has been spilt over the nature of beauty. What is beauty? How do we know it? Ealiannë once wrote that beauty is the perfection of being that is self-evident to perception. Other lesser thinkers, such as Valan Aleamitore, failing to understand the Diviner’s simple wisdom, argue that the perfection that is beauty is found in being fit for a circumstance or what is needful to the situation. Valan reduces beauty to utility and would rightly be forgotten if not for the famous writings of his father Enasilaor.

Something is never beautiful because; beautiful things are simply beautiful. It is our perceptions that change not beauty.

I write of beauty in my emendation of Of Creation and the Greater Spirits because if we do not understand beauty we will not understand Miravynn. Lesser thinkers, such as Valan, would have us believe that Miravynn is a shape changer, shifting to be what is most meet for her desire and the circumstances. However, once again, this is a failure to comprehend perfection. It is not Miravynn that changes. It is our perceptions that change as we glimpse her nature as beauty.

This is why Miravynn is also the goddess of grace for grace is beauty in movement and action. The goddess reveals grace in three moments. First, there is splendor, the perfection of the living form. Like all of the Inhaerens, Miravynn lives in ways that the Docti and the Divinum simply do not. She is part of this world and cannot be separate from it. Second, there is joy, beauty manifested in delight and shared through social interactions. This is why it is apt to call Elanil Last-Born, the Joyous, because she partakes in a small measure of her sister’s grace. Lastly, there is flowering, the perfection of the fulfillment of purpose.

My readers should not at this point mistake me and believe that I am agreeing with that dullard Valan. Do not mistake effect for cause. Beautiful things are often fit and needful in their flowering. They flower because they are beautiful and that is their grace.

So too is it with Miravynn. She flowers by moving through the world. She radiates joy in the life that her mother created. She is crowned with splendor. Of all the Inhaerens, she is most like Lorrynor, which fits with my theory that there is a correspondence between each of the Docti and the Inhaerens…

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Miravynn, the Weaver

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