Half-Orc Oracle


Niyut is a daughter of the Firebird Clan of the First Lands. She is an accomplished half-orc oracle with a twin brother, Truk’tosh.

Bound Soul:

Viosil (Bright Elf Sorcerer)

Imbued Essences:

Arcane Bonuses

+1 to the DC of illusion spells. (Illusion1)
+1 to the DC of illusion spells. (Illusion2: Gnoll Bard)
+1 to the DC of illusion spells from the shadow subschool or spells with the darkness or light descriptor. (Shadow1)
+2 Caster Level for illusion spells from the glamer subschool. (Illusion1)

Stat Bonuses

+1 Charisma. (LE1: Gelatinous Cube)
+1 Charisma. (LE2: Gnoll Commander)
+1 Charisma. (LE3: Gnoll Slayer)
+1 Charisma. (LE5:Cliff Giant)

Save Bonuses

+1 All Saves. (Boon: Gift of Teysura)
+1 All Saves. (EE2: Shadow Cloaker)

Armor Bonuses

+1 Natural AC (Boon: Sacred Chestnut Tree)

Resistance Bonuses

+5 Cold Resistance. (Water1)

Skill Bonuses

+2 Initiative. (EE3: Bone Golem)
+5 Perception. (EE4: Tupilaq)
+5 Spellcraft. (EE3: Bone Golem)
+5 Knowledge: Arcana (EE13: Cliff GIant)


Scribe Scroll: You can scribe any Necromancy Spells that you discover into the Libre Sanguinem Additionally, you can scribe any Known Spells on to properly prepared bones using Blood Money in place of gold pieces. Certain spells that require unique spell components will still require such components to scribe them upon the bones. (LE4: Storm Hag)

Cunning: You gain 1 additional skill point per Hit Die. When you take this feat, you gain a number of skill points equal to your Hit Dice right away, and every time your Hit Dice increase in the future, you will gain an additional skill point as well. (LE5:Cliff Giant)


Armor of the Spirits: Once per day as an immediate action, you can call upon the wandering spirits of the world to protect you. You gain DR6/magic for 2 round per character level. (LE2: Gnoll Commander)

Detect Poison (SL): Once per day as an spell-like ability, you can cast Detect Poison. (EE13: Cliff Giant)

Flight: Once per day as an immediate action, you gain fly 60’ (good) for a number of rounds equal to 1.5 times your character level. Additionally, you gain Storm Rider (Su) A storm hag is considered two size categories larger for the purpose of wind effects. (LE4: Storm Hag)

Glide: Upon command as an immediate action you can harness a bit of the power of the cloaker you absorbed to cause a thin sheet of ethereal energy to form rigid wings between your arms and torso allowing you to glide as per the spell at will. (EE2: Shadow Cloaker)

Lingering Image: All of Niyut’s figment spells will linger for 1 additional round beyond the spells normal duration. (Illusion2: Gnoll Bard)

Ooze Traits: Twice per day as a immediate action, you can embody the traits of an ooze for 3 rounds. During that time, you are immune to precision damage, cannot be flanked nor sustain a critical hit. (LE1: Gelatinous Cube) Whenever you use your Ooze Traits SLA, they are extended by an additional round. During that time, you are immune to precision damage, cannot be flanked nor sustain a critical hit. (Water1)

Resilient: Once per day you can reroll a Fort save vs. poison: The essence of the construct melds with your body giving you added defenses against poison. (EE4: Tupilaq)

Shadow Shift: When in dim light, you can manipulate shadows at will as a swift action to create one of the following effects: At CL1, silent image (save DC is charisma-based); At CL4, blur (lasts 1d4 rounds, self only), darkness or mirror image; At CL8 dimension door (self only). The caster level is based on Oracle only. (Shadow1)

Study Target: Three times per day as a move action, you gain study target as per the slayer ability. However, this study can only be used as Blood Reader slayer talent .Use your character level as your effective slayer level. (LE3: Gnoll Slayer)


Legendary Items

Brynderie’s Silken Robe (Wonder)
Mysterious Bog Oak Wand (Wonder)
Liber Sanguinem by Ghovhanis (Wonder)
The Eternal Fire (Curio)
The Onyx Talisman of Fire (Curio)

Scrolls, Potions & Components

Blood of Fire (Component)
Scroll of Bless, Cure Light Wounds (x2), Remove Fear
Scroll of Lesser Restoration x2
Scroll of Lipstitch
Scroll of Howling Agony
Scroll of Blindness/Deafness
Scroll of Remove Fear
Scroll of Endure Elements


Of Creation & the Greater Spirits by Enasilaor
Collecting of Parts; Living & Dead by Caitlín Ní Daire




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