Sautekh (M.I.A.)

Bone Touched Aasimar Paladin



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Stat Bonuses

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Sautekh was born in small, rural village in the Vale of Talanor with no knowledge of his heritage until it became more obvious in his features as he grew up. His family were decendants from refugees that escaped the invasion of Leyrtis through Haéktôr’s Pass, and eventually traveled to Haemil Esteparon and entered the Vale shortly after this. The descendants scattered among this new Kingdom and eventually their bone-touched Aasimar traits to the angels of Khasu-en-amen, were forgotten. Every now and then a child is born with throwback traits to this lineage of jackal-headed angels, and Sautekh was one of the first in his line for over a hundred years to do so. Some whispered he was cured, others said he was touched by the gods themselves.

At young age, the village was attacked by a roving band of thugs and he ran and tried to cross the nearby strong flowing river to escape becoming a slave or killed. Attackers thought he would drown when he was swept away and he nearly did, but he ended up washed out close to a temple of Selefhan; unconscious, beaten and bruised. Servants from the temple found him there, and quickly took him to the clerics for healing. The head priestess, upon her first visit to the saved boy, received a vision from Selefhan. This boy was saved by the goddess herself, and he would serve her diligently in the years to come. When he finally awoke and told his story, that his village was destroyed and parents killed before his eyes, they took him in and raised him as their own. He had no real magic affinity but was good with a blade, and so started training as a paladin of the order, determined that fait had brought him here and Selefhan spared him in the river, so he would pay back the debt in service.

Once his training was complete, he went on to serve the temple as one of their most diligent and faithful paladins in the order. As such, Sautekh was one of a handful of paladins loaned to the city watch in The Picks from the church of Selefahn to take down the corpse-thieving bandits, and was the one to make the arrest on Randall, a tiefling thief that was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Randall was remanded into Master Shiro Jonetsu’s custody, but the city watch and church of Selefahn demanded he have someone watch over him, and chose Sautekh.

Sautekh watched over Randall at the monastery for six years while he trained, charged with something called the Doom of Anotuk; if Rand strays from his probation even a little, it’s Sautekh’s job to relieve the tiefling of his head and bring it to the church as evidence. Lucilky, no such incidents occurred, and the two even became friends. When Randall ended his term of service and was released, the two parted ways on good terms, hoping to cross paths again in the future, and not in the way they initially met.

Sautekh (M.I.A.)

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