Toraim Highhammer

Dwarven Fighter 1 / Forgemaster Cleric 1



Imbued Essences:

Arcane Bonuses

None (Source)

Armor Bonuses

None (Source)

Resistance Bonuses

None (Source)

Save Bonuses

None (Source)

Stat Bonuses

None Statistic. (Source)

Skill Bonuses

None (Source)


Feat Name: Description (Source)


Ability Name: Description (Source)


Relics, Wonders & Curios

Teinntean, The Twinned (Masterwork)

Scrolls, Potions & Components







In the deepest and most ancient halls of Kahae Edhekal, the esteemed Forgemasters Guild has long kept the fire of Valthyra burning in the sacred forge. To guard their secrets, the Forgemasters have always remained isolated from the outside world. But many believe that this is no longer possible…

Born into the revered House Highhammer, Toraim, son of Dwarkar, was fated to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and, in true Dwarven fashion, he never doubted his destiny. His childhood was typical, if perhaps stricter than most. As is right and proper, he began his apprenticeship on his 25th birthday. And when he became an adult at 50, he embraced his responsibilities and married.

He became a proud and dedicated smith, an honorable father and husband, and he never imagined another life. But soon, the Shaping changed everything. When the Fire Goblins, emboldened by the chaos caused by the Shaping, took the Halls of Mourning and the Crypts, the Fire of Valthyra, which burned below, was extinguished. Few of the Forgemasters survived the surprise attack, and Toraim only barely escaped. The event left Toraim scarred and would haunt his dreams for years to come.

The Forgemaster’s Guild fell into chaos. Most of the elders believed that the smiths should remain isolated and dedicate themselves exclusively to their craft. But the younger members – Toraim in particular – advocated that they must fight alongside their kinsmen and the outsiders.

Despite the protestations of his wife and clansmen, Toraim was among the first of the Forgemasters to don his armour and leave the relative safety that his position allowed, to fight against the hordes of undead that had invaded Oldtown. He deemed that it was his duty to defend his people against all the odds, and to fight until the sacred forge could be reclaimed.

These battles against the undead would prove the anvil on which the steel of his resolve would be tested.

Toraim Highhammer

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