Half-orc Druid


A mighty druid of the Firebird Clan of the First Lands who is the twin of Niyut.

Bound Soul:

Morgrym Hammerfist (Dwarven Cleric of Mylesar, the Warrior)

Imbued Essences:

Arcane Bonuses:


Stat Bonuses

+1 Strength. (LE1: Flame Drake)
+1 Constitution. (LE2: Gnoll Commander)
+1 Constitution. (LE3: Ice Giant)
+1 Strength. (LE4: Gnoll Ranger)

Save Bonuses:

+1 All Saves. (Boon: Gift of Teysura)
+1 All Saves. (E18: Equine Idol)

Armor Bonuses

+1 Natural AC (Boon: Sacred Chestnut Tree)

Resistance Bonuses

+5 Acid resistance. (Earth1: Bone Golem)
+5 Fire resistance. (Fire1: Fire Goblin)
+5 Fire resistance. (Fire2: Gnoll Commander)

Skill Bonuses



Precise Shot: The gnoll ranger’s essence enables Truk’tosh to hurl his axe with exact precision. (LE4: Gnoll Ranger)


Bone Prison (Ex): 1/day as a standard action, you can summon and throw one of the golem’s bones at a creature within 30 feet. You must make a ranged touch attack to hit. This bones magically replicates and forms a cage surrounding struck creatures with a CMD equal to your own. The target is trapped but takes no damage. The target can escape the grapple normally, or can break out of the bones by dealing 15 points of damage to the prison, which has the same AC, DR, and saves as you. Damage to the prison has no effect on you. (Earth1)

Bone Prison, Improved (Ex): The bone prison, in addition to its normal 15 hp, gains 2 hp per character level. (EE18: Equine Idol).

Burning Hands: You can cast Burning Hands as an SLA 2/day using your druid level as the caster level. (Fire1: Fire Goblin)

Burning Spells: Whenever you cast a spell or SLA causing fire damage, you use 1 dice step higher for damage. For example, a d4 becomes a d6 or a d6 becomes a d8. (Fire2: Gnoll Commander)

Icy Transformation: 2/day as a move action you can transform into the essence of ice for a number of rounds up to your character level. During this time you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC and you ignore difficult terrain due to ice or snow. (LE3: Ice Giant)

Speed Surge: 2/day as a swift action, you may draw on the draconic heritage of the life essence for a boost of strength and speed to take an additional move action (+100% to your base speed) in that round. So, with base 30’ movement, your extra burst will be 60’ movement. (LE1: Flame Drake)

Strength Surge: 2/day as an immediate action, you may draw upon an inner power of rage and increase your strength by +2 for 2 full rounds. (LE2: Gnoll Commander)


Legendary Items

Morgrym’s Axe (Wonder)
Morgrym’s Holy Symbol of Mylesar (Wonder)
Shadowbrood Armor (Wonder)

Scrolls, Potions & Components

Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2





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