House Rules for the Campaign

Talanor, the Bright Tower will use Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Andvanced Players Guid, Advanced Race Guide, Ultimate Campaign, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Equipment, and parts of Unchained. Any supplements published by Paizo are at the GM’s discretion.

Character Creation
• Materials: Any Paizo except Occult
• 20pt Build (nothing below 7 or above 18 before racial adjustments);
• 1 level of choice & 1 level randomly determined (see below);
• Core races + hobgoblin only; (There are sub races for elves and hobgoblins. See the spoiler below for more detail.)
• Any class, except no occult nor vigilante; must use unchained;
• No Guns;
• Max Gold at 1st, plus one of the following: 1 mwk weapon, 1 mwk piece of armor, or 1 wand with a 1st level spell; max value 750 gold; keep in mind that the world has been virtually destroyed, so you won’t be ‘buying’ anything once the campaign starts.
• Max HP at 1st (half +1 or roll after 1st);
• 2 traits; You may take a 3rd if you take a drawback; we will use background traits;
• +1 skill points per level; must be used on knowledge.
• Neutral or good Alignment only;
• Additionally, you will randomly roll for an additional “bound soul” to have entered your body before the rift was shut. These souls have lost their body and are now trapped inside you. You will receive their racial stat bonuses/penalties, one racial ability, and one class level; (see, Bound Souls below)

The most important part of character creation, however, is the character’s background story. This story should include information about his origin and heritage, about his experiences up to the present, about his motivations and fears, and about his appearance and personality.

Critical Hits, Strikes & Misses
On the Nexus, combatants can make critical hits and have critical misses, and so can spell casters!

Bonus Feats
All characters start with one of the following: power attack, piranha strike, deadly aim, or weapon finesse.

Character Death
All characters will eventually die… it is inevitable. Thank Deyus for resurrection! However, should your character die and cannot be resurrected, you can create a new character and the GM will work to get you back in the game as quickly as possible.

Acid Splash – is considered a splash weapon and, as such, affects swarms as any other splash weapon, i.e. vial of acid, alchemist’s fire, etc.

Craft(Alchemy) – By increasing the DC of his Craft (alchemy) check by +5, you can reduce the overall number of checks required to complete an item by 1, if the check is successful. If, for example, an item needed 6 checks to complete, then by increasing the DC of the first check by +5 and succeeding, the total number of checks needed goes to 5. If he does this again for the second check, he’d need a total of 4 to finish the item. Doing it a third time would reduce the total needed to 3, and thus finish the item in the process. This represents not being as safe as you should be while mixing, cutting corners here and there to speed things along. So, you won’t be able to take 10 or take 20 on these modified checks, although he could still do so on any unmodified checks he chooses to make. You can attempt a check every rest period, whether it be a modified one or a normal one, until the item is done or a check is failed badly enough to ruin the compound. You cannot take 10 or 20 on the modified checks. Additionally, the DC increase matches up exactly with the complexity levels. That is, adding +5 to the DC bumps the item in question from one complexity with a base amount of progress per day to the next complexity up with a higher base progress per day. So, Acid would go from normal (DC 15) at 2 gp progress per day to complex (DC 20) and 4 gp progress per day.

Craft(Armor) – 1) To prepare the resources, make the appropriate Craft/Profession check; DC 10+ the AC bonus for the base armor. 2) to craft the base armor, make a Craft(armor) check; DC 10+ the AC bonus for the base armor. 3) to make the armor masterwork, a Craft(armor)check with a DC of 20 for the masterwork. You will make the base armor after 3 successful base craft checks, then transform it to masterwork following that craft check. You can make one base craft check each time you stop for the down time for the casters to sleep and recover spells. If you are repairing existing armor, you will only be required to make a single base craft check, before the masterwork check.

Crawling Withdraw – You can withdraw 10’ from a prone position as a full round action if the opponent is not aware that you are still an active threat. (Scenario #1) If you are tripped by the opponent, they know you are still a threat (even though you aren’t “threatening” their square mechanically), and therefore, you cannot withdraw crawling. (Scenario #2) If you are knocked unconscious and then healed and become conscious, they are not aware of you as a threat, and therefore you can withdraw. (Scenario #2b) If, after becoming conscious, you then attack from prone, cast a spell, etc., they are now aware of you, and therefore, you cannot subsequently withdraw from prone.

Critical Hits & Fumbles – A confirmed critical from a PC’s attack roll of a natural ‘20’, will also receive a random critical hit effect as determined by the GM. A PC’s or NPC’s attack foll of a natural ‘1’, will receive a random critical fumble effect as determined by the GM.

Handle Animal – Animals will, in general, stay put during battles. If they are injured, they will flee. If you want them to do anything, then a Handle Animal check will be made. Other situations may occur that cause the animals to react; i.e. lightning or thunder nearby, being attacked or intentionally startled.

Harsh Environment Between the cold (approx 40 degrees) and the depleted environment, the GM will make each of you will a fort save every 8 hours, rather than every hour. The DC will be 15. Failure will result in 1d6 non-lethal damage (or more if storming, snowing, etc.) and the fatigued condition. If you are already fatigued when you fail, then you become exhausted. One hour of rest will take an exhausted character back to fatigued. 8 hours of rest will remove the fatigued condition. Bonuses from spells, clothing, survival skill, etc. are applicable. For each hour of rest, you will recover 1 hp of non-lethal damage per character level.

Survival – DC:15 Gain a +2 bonus on all fortitude saves against severe weather while moving up to half your overland speed (which I’ll say you are doing), or gain a +4 bonus if you remain stationary. You may grant the same bonus to one other character for every 1 point by which your Survival check result exceeds 15.

Hinterlander – Prestige Class Adjustments (Draft)
..Master Archer changed to Master Hurler. Bonus Feat: Throw Anything (Double Axe). Feat options are: 1st – Charging Hurler, Improved Grappler, Point Blank Shot, Two-Handed Thrower; 3rd – Greater Grapple, Improved Charging Hurler, Opening Volley, Precise Shot; 5th – Close-Quarters Thrower, Pinning Knockout, Shot on the Run.
..Imbue Arrow becomes Imbue Projectile

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House Rules for the Campaign

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