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The History of the Known World

The Timeline of the History of the Known World
The History of Magic
The Calendar

Treatises and Other Publications

A Brief History of Esteparon by Jaycith Hagendahl
Of Creation and the Greater Spirits by Enasilaor
Lights in the Darkness by Maryann Lanta
My Travels Through the Realms of the Known World by Aethyn Galbreth


A Hobgoblin’s Dreams by Gruskorb
The Journals of a Swashbuckler by Garidan Vissir
The Story of the Making of the Clans by Niyut of the Firebird Clan
Visions of the Fist Lands by Niyut of the Firebird Clan

The Grimoires

Advanced Theories of Ethereal Realities by Ghrezdd
Liber Sanguinem by Ghovhanis
The Mysteries of the Ether by Alec Harr
The Tomes of Magic by Zylstra

The Realms of the Known World

Archipelago of Conquest
Dukedoms of Esteparon
Free City of Crossroads
Free City of Pyrae
Free City of Parthis
Isle of Exeter
Kingdom of Greyton
Kingdom of Haemil
Leyrtian Empire
Nomads of Kashmere
Northern Coasts
Stratocracy of Avenell
Vale of Talanor
Savage Lands (the “First Lands”)
The Under Realms
Wastelands of Alteria

The Beings of the Known World

The Mortal Races
The Ealintaine (the “Greater Spirits”)
The Godlings (the “Lesser Spirits”)
The Dragons

Legendary Items

Nightfall, Waraxe of Mylesar
Sage Staff of Lorrynor
Staff of Stoorjian

The Talanor Campaigns

Campaign – The Bright Tower
Campaign – The Last Haven
Campaign – The Last Haven: A Journey Interrupted

House Rules

Armor Rules – New Armor & Shields
Character Creation Rules – Character Creation
Class Rules – Customized & New Classes
Feat Rules – Bonus, Customized & New feats
Environment Rules – Weather & Survival
Magical Items Rules – Bonded & Legendary Items
Miscellaneous Rules
Ritual Rules – New Rituals
Skill Rules – Customized skills
Spell Rules – New & Customized spells
Weapon Rules – New weapons

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