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Esteparon is the largest section of the eastern continent. It includes the Northern Coasts, the Dukedoms, Avenell and the Wastelands of Alteria. Much of the history of this region is bound together through the Kingdom of Esteparon. Following the kingdoms demise, the various regions within Esteparon have evolved separately.


The Stratocracy of Avenell is the home of the hobgoblins descended from the three sons of Avenius who share control of the government. This militaristic society is constantly in conflict with itself as powerful and wealthy families have forced controlled, capitalistic economy within its borders.

The Blÿss

The dense, coastal forests to the west of the Shadow Mountains were once the home to the gnomes and an assortment of fey creatures.

Dukedoms of Esteparon

Named after the region of the continent, the Kingdom of Esteparon was the original monarchy of humans following the Godling Wars. At its height, it ruled the descendants of four of the eight tribes of man. It currently is broken into six separate Dukedoms consisting of only two tribes.

The Free Cities of Esteparon

Nestled between the Northern Coasts and the the Dukedoms, the free cities of Esteparon are a collection of cities which pledge no fealty to a higher sovereignty at this time.

The Northern Coasts

Home to the Vallens, one of the eldest tribes of humans that conquered Esteparon after the Godlings Wars, this collection of independent cities is the last vestige of the Vallen culture.

Vale of Talanor

The Vale of Talanor is set deep in the northern reaches of the Shadow Mountains. The Vale was founded by Bærwynnd upon finding the vale deep within the Shadow Mountains and building the Bright Tower in 315 E.C. The first established culture arose from the remnants of workers that had constructed the tower. Working the area for resources needed by the tower inhabitants, the human residents built was is now known as Oldtown.

Wastelands of Alteria

Once a dominant force within the Kingdom of Esteparon, Alteria has watched its people suffer for thousands of years as their lands were devastated by war and famine.

The History of the Kingdom of Esteparon

Timeline of Esteparon

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Realms - Esteparon

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