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The Ruins of Firsthaven

This city was once the capital of the Kingdom of Esteparon. It was built through conquest by Vallenjos. After thousands of years of tight rule, the kingdom was torn apart by a revolt amongst the nobility. The king was killed and Firsthaven was sacked and burned.

Social Structure



Following the sacking of Firsthaven, the Dukes of Esteparon agreed that no one was to lay claim to the city and the evils that lie below it. More than once the Dukes of Basgeil and Quonos have both attempted to lay claim to the city, but neither time were they able to maintain control nor establish any settlement near Firsthaven.


Vast treasure troves are still believed to be found within the city, as well as, the necropolis beneath it. Conflicting tales of the sacking of Firsthaven, suggest that many of the relics acquired by the kings over the ages have been smuggled away, although most people believe that the ruins of the ancient palace might contain many legendary items.


The lands around the ruins of Firsthaven have grown rugged over the three thousand years since its sacking. A dense forest has overgrown the region, making the exact location of the city difficult to ascertain by land. The capital can be seen by sea, however, a graveyard of wrecked ships and jagged rocks surround the area making sea-travel extremely dangerous.

The once fertile lands around the city have devolved into an overgrown forest. The ancient wyrwood trees make a tempting target for industrial endeavors, however, any such attempts in recent memory have ended in disaster.






Many gods were worshipped by the people of Firsthaven. The latter kings of Esteparon began to exclusively worship Mylesar.



Points of Interest


The Ancient Necropolis of Edriran

Site of the tombs of the rules of Esteparon, including the royal family and all nobility through the ages. The Dukedoms still use the necropolis to bury many of the elite through the dedicated Sovereign Order of Edriran.

Eallesborough Palace

The grand palace from which the rulers of the Kingdom of Esteparon espoused their edicts was cast down following the uprising by the Dukedoms. Legends of treasure and mysteries abound regarding the castle.

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Realms - First Haven

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