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The Kingdom of Haemil

The Kingdom of Haemil is a monarchy set upon the plateaued plains of the north leading to the foothills of the Iron Mountains. Earthenwork, with its earthen walls carved from the mountains that surrounds, is the capital city. Earthenwork was built by the gods, they say. Calledrym is said to have established it as his stronghold during the great wars against Kiravor. The sheer granite walls of the fortress are seven hundred feet high and over one hundred feet thick. Two massive doors of oak bound by iron stand ready to seal the city off from the rest of the world. It’s been three dynasties of Monarchs since the doors have been drawn closed as no one has dared to attack the city in ages.

Freehold of Enwaard

The Freehold of Enwaard is an ancient home of the Aerten people founded by the son of the first Warden of Earthenwork. Led south from Earthenwork following the Godling Wars, the city was established a gathering and trading post for the free people who roamed the lifted Plains of Haemil. After the establishment of the Kingdom of Haemil, Enwaard, led by a ruling council of elders refused to come under control of the northern kingdom. While many attempts have been made of the millinieums that have followed, Enwaard has rarely come under its rule although significant influence has been made upon the city in the past three hundred fifty years.

History of Haemil

Timeline of Haemil

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Realms - Haemil

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