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Available Spells

With their anointment as a servant of a deity, the warpriest is bestowed with four orisons and two 1st level spells of the character’s choice by their patron deity. Additionally, each deity will auto-grant additional spells as outlined in the deity’s entry, along with the domain spells and cure spells. At each level, including 1st level, the warpriest can pray for a number of additional spells equal to the warpriest’s wisdom bonus. To have the power to cast this spell bestowed by the deity, the warpriest attempts a Wisdom check with a DC is equal to 7 plus the spell level. The warpriest gets a bonus to this check equal to their warpriest level. If a warpriest fails to receive a spell, he/she may attempt to pray for that spell at the next level.

Additionally, deities may grant other spells as a boon for the warpriest’s dedication or deeds.

Everyday, the warpriest must prepare their spells from their available spells through prayer and study as outlined under the deity’s entry.

Custom Blessings

Beauty – You tap into the wellspring of youth and perfection.
Bone – You control the bones of the fallen.
Flesh – The building blocks of the living form are yours to shape and command.
Harbinger – You are a harbinger of the world’s end.
Lycanthropy – You can hear the twin moons calling out to you.
Music – You hear and understand the vibrations by which all things cohere.
Preservation – You can defy the powers of time and decay.

Custom Archetypes


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Rules - Classes - Warpriest

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