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Wizards are trained arcane casters and as such are almost always under the tutelage of a Hazard, a powerful wizard that is sanctioned by the Council. At times, a wizard once part of the formal system in the Known World will leave the order and later take an apprentice. In this rare case, the character will have minimal resources to advance his/her knowledge without discovering or acquiring grimoires and other ancient tomes.


A wizard gets a spellbook at creation containing any four cantrips in addition to three 1st level spells of the players choosing from the wizards specialization school. The GM may also include a number of other spells from any school at his discretion up to the wizards intelligence bonus. This house rule replaces the standard starting spellbook for wizards.

Scribing Spells into Spellbooks

At creation, the wizard must make a spellcraft check to determine if he/she can learn any of the spells included in his/her spellbook. Whenever a wizard finds or acquires a new spell to scribe into his/her spellbook, the wizard must make a spellcraft check to determine if he/she can learn a new spell, including cantrips. A failed spellcraft check causes the wizard to be unable to attempt to learn that spell again until after gaining a new level. This house rule replaces the standard spells in a wizard’s starting spellbook.


At every new level, a wizard may attempt to research two spells from his specialization school at a level that he is capable of casting. A spellcraft check will be required. Universalists can choose spells from any school after learning all universal spells of all levels available to them. This house rule replaces the standard two spells given at each level.

Specialization Schools

Wizards may specialize in a school of their choice. Each day, a specialized wizard may cast one additional spell from her spellbook for each spell level to which she has access. Divination cannot be a banned school. This house rule replaces the standard extra spell slot received by wizards.

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Rules - Classes - Wizard

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