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A wizard gets a spellbook at creation containing any four cantrips in addition to three 1st level spells of the players choosing from the wizards specialization school. The GM may also include a number of other spells from any school at his discretion.

Scribing Spells into Spellbooks:
At creation, the wizard must make a spellcraft check to determine if he/she can learn any of the spells included in his/her spellbook. Whenever a wizard finds a new spell to scribe into his/her spellbook, the wizard must make a spellcraft check to determine if he/she can learn a new spell, including cantrips. A failed spellcraft check causes the wizard to be unable to attempt to learn that spell again until after gaining a new level.

At every new level, a wizard may attempt to research two spells from his specialization school at a level that he is capable of casting. A spellcraft check will be required.

Specialization Schools
Wizards may specialize in a school of their choice. Each day, a specialized wizard may cast one additional spell from her spellbook for each spell level to which she has access. Divination cannot be a banned school.

Bonded Items:
A wizard must select an arcane bond at creation. This arcane bonded item is in addition to his/her familiar.

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Rules - Classes - Wizard

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