Timeline - Haemil

The Timeline of Haemil

Reign of the Ealintaine

Coming of Man & the Great Awakening

  • Amus breathes life into the Eight Tribes of Mortal Man.
  • Aertinen, the eldest of eight fathers of men, takes his tribe to the northwest of Esteparon and settles near the Iron Mountains along the Bhrülinen River.

The Godling Wars

  • The heirs of Aertinen heed the call of Calledrym and come to battle Kiravor and Gaeruhn.
  • The rising of the Plains of Haemil and the construction of Earthenwork.
  • Calledrym names Boldrik Dael’Brügt as the Stewart of Earthenwork as the gods converge upon the Fields of Fire and the final battle with Kiravor.

Reign of Tranquility

465 B.E. – Boldrik Dael’Brügt takes his seat as Stewart of Earthenwork.
458 B.E. – Rathar Dael’Brügt, eldest son of Boldrik, takes his family south and takes residence at the Bhrülinen Falls

Reign of Kings

4 E.C. – Eurick Dael’Brügt, descendant of Boldrik Dael’Brügt is crowned the first King of Haemil and Stewart of Earthenwork.
1392 E.C. – The Plague of Earthenwork kills nearly 25% of the population, effectively ending the Dael’Brügt line of the monarchy.
1393 E.C. – The Gisyla Rödynn is crowned Queen of Haemil and the Rödynn dynasty begins.
3216 E.C. – Beauregard II takes the throne; shortly before his death, he partitions six Marches encompassing the entry points into Haemil for his children.
3267 E.C. – Beauregard II dies and the throne is disputed. His illegitimate son, Hägynn seizes control of Earthenwork through his rank within the City Command.
3645 E.C. – War of Marches ends with Adálÿnd Gärivald I claiming the throne and eliminates the hereditary title of Margrave.
3967 E.C. – The Gärivald Dynasty fails to produce an heir and the throne passes to the Krögen family, starting the First Krögen Dynasty.
3979 E.C. – Rift of Magic when Marwülff Krögen I issues the Magicae Prohibitae, forbidding the practice of magic by non-clergy.
3985 E.C. – The First Gathering of the Hazards

Reign of Hazards

4291 E.C. – The Second Gathering of the Hazards ushers in the Reign of Hazards.
4293 E.C. – Gligibell, the gnomish Hazard comes to Earthenwork and begins construction of the Conjurer’s Tower with the approval of the King.
4452 E.C. – The orcs led by Gutjja the Conqueror invade the river lands of Haemil and the doors of Earthenwork are closed..
4487 E.C. – The last Krögen heir dies during the Orcish Wars and the Brüghten Dynasty begins.
4647 E.C. – The orcs are defeated in the Battle of Hartfëil
7648 E.C. – King Helluddar Krögen XIII is crowned in Earthenwork as the Krögen-line retake the throne of Haemil.
7973 E.C. – Helluddar Krögen XIX is crowned King of Haemil in Earthenwork.
7995 E.C. – 17th of Loris – Bærwynnd opens the rift to the Ether.

7995 E.C. – Year of the Shaping


17th of Loris – Bærwynnd opens the rift to the Ether, destroying much of the Known World.


11th of Faelis – The Outsiders retake HIghmark Keep.


7th of Selefis – The Outsiders arrive at Earthenwork.
11th of Selefis – The Outsiders discover the Shrine of the Summoner.
14th of Selefis – The Outsiders return to Earthenwork to find it under siege by the gnolls under the command of Rgulblux.

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Timeline - Haemil

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