Wonder - Sage Staff of Lorrynor

Sage Staff of Lorrynor

The staff is hand-carved from an ancient chestnut tree by by EaliannĂ«, the Diviner of Lorrynor, who was one the mother’s of the elven people. Personally taught the mysteries of the ether by Lorrynor before the Godling War. She created many magical items that are were used to fight the enemy, although many have been lost to time. Recovered by Malthazir from the gnoll forces in. the Eastern Wastes, the staff has not bonded to the wizard, but he keeps it close at all times.

Current Bond

None – Carried by Malthazir

Held Effects:

Spell Predilection

The staff can be taught a spell by expending a prepared spell, thereby allowing the staff to absorb the spell. Once, the staff “knows” a spell, it maintains that spell until it is taught a different spell. The staff then allows you to spontaneously cast its known spell again by sacrificing another prepared spell of the same or greater spell level. The caster level of the spell is your caster level at the time in which you teach the spell to the staff. You can apply any metamagic feats you possess to this spell when you cast it. This increases the minimum level of the prepared spell or spell slot you must sacrifice in order to cast it but does not affect the casting time. The staff can learn up to a 5th level spell.

Triggered Effects:


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Wonder - Sage Staff of Lorrynor

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