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Bodies of Water

Alterian Ocean
Cobalt Ocean
The Depths
Bay of Melirüd
Northern Sea
Rynin Sea


Dunfell Fields
The Plains of Haemil
Whistling Valley


Ärh’tial – The noble forest of northeast Ska’édhel.
Forest of Där’thíal
Krebem Woodlands
Loredán Forest
Mïrah’tial – The great western forest of Ska’édhel that is most sacred of all trees to the elves.
Oakwood Forest
Sèhnavem Woods
Táceré Forest
Tajný Woodlands
Vharüsh’tial – The dwindling, ancient forest in the southern peninsula of Ska’édhel.


Shadow Mountains
The Iron Mountains


Bhrülinen River – The roaring river in Haemil that flows from the Iron Mountains to the city of Enwaard and over the falls.
Lúibori River
Nördown River – The river that sets the northern border of the Downs in Haemil.
Srümyrt River – The might river along which Greyton is built.
Wanterûn River – The wandering river in Haemil.

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Archives - Landscapes

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