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The Lore of Æustëra

Character Tales

A Hobgoblin’s Dreams

A nightmarish dream by Gruskorb

The Journals of a Swashbuckler

The journals as written by Garidan Vissir during his travels following the Shaping of the world.

Visions of the First Lands

The dreams and conversations of Niyut of the Firebird Clan

Myths & Legends

The Call of Tikibalang

This poem is a children’s bedtime story often told to keep the young from straying far from home. It comes in many different wordings, often put to a simple melody. This version is the common recital known to the Firebird Clan in the First Lands.

The Story of the Making of the Clans

The lore of the First Lands as told by Niyut of the Firebird Clan.

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Archives - Lore

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