Campaign - The Last Haven


Most of the world has been destroyed, and most of the inhabitants have been sucked into the rift before the Hazard could contain it. Bærwynnd, the 1st Hazard of Talanor… the most powerful Diviner in a millennium… had inadvertently come close to destroying the known world. But Amus, the Elder, intervened and a handful of mortals were saved at the last moment and have awoken in the summoning room inside Talanor, the Bright Tower. Before them stands the Hazard locked in an epic struggle to keep the rift sealed. They remember having felt their souls being ripped from their mortal flesh. Just as they witnessed the same happen to others moments before being consumed by the singularity. They hear the Hazard, in their minds, Help me… there is little time… my power is waning and I cannot hold the rift sealed… help me.

In 7995 E.C., the world has been torn apart by magic. A singularity opened within Talanor, the Bright Tower, has terraformed the once beautiful world into a spiral world devoid of live and overrun with undead. This is known as the Shaping. Most of the surface dwelling races were decimated, especially those close to the Vale of Talanor, where the Bright Tower stands. The more distant lands had less impact. The singularity was created when Bærwynnd, the 1st Hazard of Talanor, opened a portal directly into the Ether. He projected himself into the pure energy attempting to learn its secrets. He encountered the thoughts of Kiravor, the Harbinger of Death, who was reaching out from the void to touch his followers. Kiravor used this direct connection to begin to consume the world. Talanor: The Bright Tower is the epic tale of five strangers whose lives are forever intertwined by the Shaping. While Bærwynnd hopes to contain the Vortex, he sent the band of heroes to find the Hazards. Only together can they hope to save the world.

But what of the others that survived the Shaping? Talanor, the Last Haven will revolve around those people who rose to the challenge of creating a new world within the Vale of Talanor following the cataclysmic events of the Shaping.

The Sub-Campaigns

Talanor, the Last Haven: A Journey Interrupted is the story of three travelers from the Kingdom of Haemil and an elven farmer, who had journeyed to the Vale of Talanor before the Shaping. Having survived the event while underground in the mountain pass of Eastgate, they emerge into the undead ruins of the Vale and begin a desperate search for one traveler’s friend, Gunther Krögen, an apprentice to the First Hazard of Talanor.

Campaign - The Last Haven

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