Cosmology - Plane of Bone

Pärru’füar, the Plane of Bone

Pärru’füar, the Plane of Bone is a desolate wasteland of bones; mortals bones, bones of mystic and mythical creatures, dragons, ancient megladons. Ominous black clouds drift across the darkened crimson sky. In the center of this abysmal place, a lazy river of tears wears upon the bones, grinding them into a fine sand. About the river, an expanding number of small oasis’s grow lush and green. Out of the wastelands, bones continue to pile ever higher, and violent storms of her sorrow rain down causing massive floods and washouts, utterly destroying the oasis. The thunder is her lament and the lightning is the unsheathing of her khopesh. As the waters receded, the fertile ground rejuvenate with new life from the ether. Yet, in the desert wastelands, bogs of putrid water and rotting bones dot the landscape, and boundless other hazards lie in wait for hapless mortals trapped here. Living in the wasteland and in the caverness labyrinth beneath piled bones, are the demons.

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Cosmology - Plane of Bone

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