Curio - Onyx Talisman of Fire

The Onyx Talisman of Fire


The talisman is made of onyx and strung on braided cord of coarse, black hair. On either side of the talisman, two large red fangs dangle. It radiates a strong evocation aura. It was claimed by Niyut from a fire goblin in the Crypts of Eastgate.

Current Owner


Worn Effects:

Fiery Cantrips

When worn, the talisman acts as a focus effect for any damaging cantrip giving the magic a fiery effect (an additional 1d3 fire damage).

Triggered Effects:

Burning Bite

Each fang could be consumed as a material component to an evocation spell causing the spell type to change to fire (2 charges of Elemental Spell metamagic). Using the fangs as the material component of a spell will not affect the talisman as a focus item.

Fiery Blast

The talisman itself could also be used as a material component for a fire based evocation spell with the effect of intensified, maximized spell. Using the talisman as the material component of a spell will consume the talisman.

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Curio - Onyx Talisman of Fire

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