Ethereal Realm - Mysteries of the Ether

This passage is an excerpt from The Mysteries of the Ether by Alec Harr, the Chief Amanuensis of Pyrae from 3743-3839 EC. The author claimed the opening passage to be the words of Bærwynnd, the 1st Hazard of Talanor, as Alec allegedly spoke to him during a visit in 3768 E.C. However, the Bright Tower has no record of a visit by Alec Harr from 3752 EC until 3813 E.C. Whether Alec Harr incorrectly noted the date or speaker or whether he fabricated this section of his text is debated amongst the most learned in Esteparon.

“Passing through the portal, I conceived the entirety of the strands of reality. The Harmonic Wave became one thought and I understood. Time did not exist as a reality but it was a tool to sense all realities. I could see every sight; could hear every sound; smell every odor; and feel every mortal being all at once. Then it was gone. I looked forth and saw a river of energy. I knew I had entered the Ethereal Realm.”

While many of the masters of the arcane arts continue to reference the forms of magic known as the Artes Magicae or Artes Prohibitae, I have found that the Hazards, and their followers, have organized themselves based upon what I would refer to as the nine Mysteries of the Ether. They include abjuration, conjuration, divination, enchantment, evocation, illusion, transmutation, and necromancy. Ninth among them is the universal mystery from which all casters may draw upon.


The first mystery to be properly organized was that of divination. It is the oldest mystery and, according to legend, originated with the gods as they sought the truth of the universe. Bærwynnd’s command of the order of wizards practiced in divination pre-dates even the great Kingdom of Esteparon. Bærwynnd was given the title of Hazard by the earliest practitioners among the mortals. He took them all under his wing of knowledge and commanded that they all share such knowledge among all the diviners. To date, all would-be diviners must pass his tests to join their ranks.

Bærwynnd has set forth five tenants to be followed among them members of his order.

* Competence must be proven to the Hazard to call oneself a Proven Diviner.
* Knowledge shall be shared among all the Proven who seek it.
* Should a Hazard return to the Ether in spirit, all of the Proven shall vote for a new Hazard.
* All of the Proven shall pledge fealty to the Order and none other.
* Divination through death is strictly forbidden.

Bærwynnd resides in Talanor, the Bright Tower, and has established it the home to the Proven. He has taken many apprentices over the years, tending to keep three to four in training at all times.









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Ethereal Realm - Mysteries of the Ether

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