Faith - Tempest Eternal

The Tempest Eternal









Organizational Structure

The church’s reach is mainly contained to Haemil, although many clergy have attempted to spread the word of Calledrym and establish places of worship through out the continent. The High Priest of the Tempest is referenced as his/her Eminence. Various levels of clergy are the Most Reverend, Very Reverend and Reverend. Deacons are appointed from laypersons and the leader of dedicated farms and property holdings of the church are called the Right Reverend.


Other Notable NPC’s:

Reverend Créatus, Priest of the Tempest in Earthenwork


Amber Shard:

The key to the Circle of the Whispering Wind.

Holy Sites

The Circle of the Whispering Wind:

The Circle is an ancient teleportation device located within Earthenwork. The Circle had not operated for thousands of years as the Amber Shard, the key to the device, had been lost to memory. Following the Shaping, Malthazir and his companions recovered the Amber Shard from the Shrine of the Summoner and delivered the key to the disciples of The Tempest Eternal.

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Faith - Tempest Eternal

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