Grimoire - Collecting of Parts

Collecting Parts; Living and Dead

by Caitlín Ní Daire

The grimoire was found and claimed by Niyut in the catacombs beneath the Tower of Necromancy.

Spell Power Components

Candle of the First Bees

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Copper Giant Toes

“These massive digits are most often found on hill giants, although most every type of giant known to me has produced this highly prized component. Using this as a material component for an Enlarge spell will make such casting happen almost instantaneously!”

Petrified Bat Guano

“I found these putrid, hardened chunks of guano while harvesting some of the standard component for my own fireballs. Imagine my surprise when the balls of flame spewed retched fumes that caused even the stout of stomach to dry heave in their mouth!”

Alchemical Ingredients

Oil of Vra’lithe

“Grinding of the Täsharen grape seeds in a porcelain bowl has proved most effective on the extraction of this precious oil.”

Ursikka Saliva

“I was lucky enough to come upon this substance in an alchemist’s disheveled workshop in the Vale of Talanor many years ago. While he was unwilling to sell any of the substance, he informed me that such substance is a reagent to make Liquid Ice, a wonderful substance that I discussed in an earlier chapter on Alchemical Reagents.”

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Grimoire - Collecting of Parts

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