History - Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

Of Creation and the Greater Spirits by Enasilaor, the Keeper of History for the Aleamitore House of First Elves

Out of the void came thought and it gave life to the universe. It took no form but was aware and began to revel at its own existence. In time, individual thoughts took their own shape and became the Greater Sprits. It was these Spirits that created what we now know as the world. As they each became conscious and self-aware, they took a name that has meaning only to themselves. I shall endeavor to explore each of these spirits and give you an understanding of their thoughts.

The first to enter the ether and take shape was Amus, the Elder. She created Time and is its master. Following her, came Calledrym, Celestri, Gaeruhn, Kiravor, Selefahn, Teysura, and Vra’lithe. With them, came the powers of divination through the clouds, bones, water, flesh, death, earth and fire. The seven powers they control have domain over our world. They are the divine.

The Principium
Amus, the Elder

The Divinium
Calledrym, the Whispering Wind
Celestri, the Vengeful
Gaeruhn, the Flesheater
Kiravor, the Harbinger of Death
Selefahn, the Herald
Teysura, the Sacred Mother
Vra’lithe, the Everflame

The Docti

From the void, then came seven spirits. They each had a thought, and in that thought, they gained the knowledge of a single truth about the ether. They are masters of that knowledge. They are Thaedymar, Lorrynor, Grahlithe, Faenithol, Korlez, Veavys and Dasyra. They are the learned.

Dasyra, the Shining Star
Faenithol, the Devoted
Grahlithe, the Twisted
Korlez, the Formless
Lorrynor, the Sage
Thaedymar, the Judge
Veavys, the Dreamer

The Inhaerens

…In time, Teysura took comfort in thought. She new the world like no other spirit and sought to give knowledge to the others that had come from the void into the ether. Seven thoughts she had, and as each thought took shape in the Ether, they became as she was. They were her children and to each she gave a name; Elanil, Faelynn, Jhaeros, Miravynn, Mylesar, Raloryss and Valthyra.

Elanil, the Joyous
Faelynn, the Merchant
Jhaeros, the Mason
Miravynn, the Weaver
Mylesar, the Warrior
Ralloryss, the Hearty
Valthyra, the Faithful

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History - Of Creation and the Greater Spirits

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