Immortals - Lesser Spirits

Many stories have been told of the Lesser Spirits that awoke during the Godling Wars. They fought for both sides and many died taking their unique thoughts with them back into the void. These spirits have unique powers that they can and have lent to mortals, but they are not strong enough to grant domains for their followers. Instead, they often come in visions as inspiration or even, for the lucky few, appear before the mortal offering assistance but often with a price.

Listed here are some of the more famous, and infamous, Lesser Spririts.

Aerista, the True
Brandaynë, the Dryad
Leontil, the Blessed
Lorÿndol, the Lonely
Rella, the Dancer
Sa’crÿff, the Champion
Täshera, the Arisen

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Immortals - Lesser Spirits

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