Immortals - The Ealintaine

The Ealintaine

The Ealintaine are mystically powerful beings who discovered many years ago that when mortals worship them, they grow in power. They have granted powers to those disciples whom pray to them and bring the deity’s name to new worshippers. The Ealintaine descended upon the Known World several thousand years ago, bringing great destruction through the Godling War.

It is important to note that some deities do not condone or allow their followers to cast magic spells from some or all shools of magic. The reason for this is jealousy. Along with other arcane casters, the Ealintaine pull their magical powers from the ethereal plane. Because they gain power from people thinking and praying to them, they do not like arcane casters who do not worship them, but draw magical energies from the deity’s own plane. They believe that the casters threaten their power. In fact, several deities tell their followers that magic use is blasphemous and punishable by death. Their followers persecute any people who use magic.

The Principium

Amus, the Elder

Goddess of Time

Edur, Who Is (Ether)

The One True God

The Divinium

Calledrym, the Whispering Wind – God of the Skies; also known as the Tempest Eternal.
Celestri, the Vengeful – Goddess of the Oceans.
Gaeruhn, the Flesheater – God of Flesh.
Kiravor, the Harbinger of Death – God of Death.
Selefahn, the Herald – God of Bone and the Afterlife.
Teysura, the Sacred Mother – Goddess of Life.
Vra’lithe, the Everflame – God of Fire.

The Docti

Dasyra, the Shining Star – Goddess of the Heavens
Faenithol, the Devoted – God of Signs & Symbols
Grahlithe, the Twisted – God of Secrets & Shadows
Korlez, the Formless – God of Lycanthropes & Shapeshifters
Lorrynor, the Sage – God of Perfection & Wisdom
Thaedymar, the Judge – God of Laws & Justice
Veavys, the Dreamer – God of Music & Reverie

The Inhaerens

Elanil, the Joyous – Goddess of Hedonism & Madness
Faelynn, the Merchant – Goddess of Trade & Commerce
Jhaeros, the Mason – God of Architecture & Masonry.
Miravynn, the Weaver – Goddess of Beauty & Perfection
Mylesar, the Warrior – God of War & Vengeance
Ralloryss, the Hearty – God of Farming & Agriculture
Valthyra, the Faithful – Goddess of Families & Community

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Immortals - The Ealintaine

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