Mortals - Dwarves

Dwarves are a proud race. They wear bright, exaggerated colores and tend to the extreme. The dwarf who settles for the mediocre is rare indeed. In sports, they seek to be the best. In battle, they fight the fiercest. In art, their paintings are the biggest and most colorful. The race is marked by an almost obsessive, painstaking emphasis on the minuscule details.
When excited they tend to repeat the same story over and over again. They have a very strong and colorful vocal history. Stories of valor and destiny are repeated again and again to the small children. The dwarven elders continually rewrite history making it more colorful and flamboyant than before. With every telling, the heroes of the dwarves slay more foes and soar to amazing new heights.

Height is the single most important status factor among dwarves. They play a sport not unlike modern day basketball but more violent and bloody which often sends team members off on stretchers. The ball often is used as a weapon as a game piece.

The warriors of the various dwarven settlements always name their units after the most ferocious beasts they have encountered. It is common to see the ‘Dragon Guard’ as the top unit. All armies or guard units are named after beasts of prey. The armor, shields, weapon and insignia are intricately designed to resemble the form of the beast the unit is named after. The Bear army, for example, will have metal helmets carved to look like bear skulls. Their weapons will have clawed tips looking like bear claws. They will wear real beear fur cloaks at all times even in the sweltering heat of summer. Even the details engraved on the boots will resembple bear paws. Every part of the armor will be offensive. The chain holding the cloak around the dwarf’s neck will be used as a whip. The clasp will hide a knife blade. All dwarven soldiers are a walking arsenal with weapons of all descriptions intricately woven into their outfits.

Dwarves are easily excitable. They love their spots and their armies. Many a battle has been waged because one clan of dwarves designed a dragon army uniform looking too similar to another clan’s uniforms. Once the battle is over, however, the dwarves will forget all the hostility and all survivors will have a giant party; the victor sitting with the vanquished. Dwarves do not believe in ties. Someone always wins.

Dwarven communities exist entirely underground. They only come to the surface to deal with the surface dwellers for trade, commerce or war. They are known as the greatest armorers and weaponsmiths. However, most merchants have learned to be wary of dwarven products. They value looks over functionality. When asked to design the best suit of armor, they will make the most detailed intricate suit of gold, bronze and silver. It may have very little value in deflecting a weapon in combat. To them the best is what looks the best.

Dwarves have settlements all throughout the Iron Mountains. The two main settlements are Arc Heil and South Heil.

Iron Dwarves
Mountain Dwarves

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Mortals - Dwarves

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