Mortals - Elves

At their creation, Lorrynor gifted the first elves the ability to perceive the harmonic wave in its entirety. Thus they had a complete view of the future as well as the ramifications of any possible action.

Physical Description: Elves stand between five and six feet in height when full-grown.


There are three sub-races of elves:

Bright Elves
The Bright Elves freely roam the Known World. Having lost the ‘true sight’ of Ether, they do not concern themselves with the future, but live for the day.

Clan Elves
Infused with the radiant power of the heavens, Clan Elves have the greatest connection to the elements and are beholden to Teysura.

Dark Elves
Have been granted the knowledge of their death by Selefahn.

Noble Elves
Noble elves as they are called by the other races, are a collection of ‘noble houses’ of elves that have congregated in Greyton. Several of the houses are able to trace their lineage to one of the first elves created by Lorrynor. They are referred to as the First Houses.

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Mortals - Elves

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