Mortals - Hobgoblins

Fierce and militaristic, hobgoblins survived by conquest since their birth as a race. The raw materials to fuel their war machines came from raids, their armaments and buildings from the toil of slaves worked to death. Naturally ambitious and envious, hobgoblins sought to better themselves at the expense of others of their kind, yet in battle they put aside petty differences and fight with discipline rivaling that of the finest soldiers. Hobgoblins had little love or trust for one another, and even less for outsiders. Life for these brutes consists of duty to those of higher station, domination of those below, and the rare opportunities to seize personal glory and elevate their status.

This changed with three hobgoblin brothers. Seeing that their race had suffered at their own greedy hands, the brothers sought to band all hobgoblins together to create a better society in which hobgoblins would be accepted as the other civilized races have been for ages. They fought internal clan wars for over twenty years before finally bending most of the free roaming clans together and established the Kingdom of Avendale with the oldest brother Avenius, being crowned the King.

Building a majestic castle and encouraging trade and education, the Kingdom changed the fortunes of all hobgoblins within just a few generations.

Physical Description: Burly and muscled, hobgoblins stand a few inches shorter than the average human, and their long arms, thick torsos, and relatively short legs give them an almost apelike stature. Hobgoblins’ skin is a sickly gray-green that darkens to mossy green after long exposure to the sun. Their eyes burn fiery orange or red, and their broad faces and sharply pointed ears give their features a somewhat feline cast. Hobgoblins lack facial hair, and even hobgoblin women are bald. Except for their size, hobgoblins bear a strong physical resemblance to their goblin cousins.

Society: Hobgoblins once live in militaristic tyrannies, each community under the absolute rule of a hobgoblin general. Unified under the Kingdom, every hobgoblin still receives military training, with those who excel serving in the army and the rest left to serve more menial roles. Those deemed unfit for military service are either deployed in the trade business or sent to other cultures as students to learn and bring back knowledge and education to the Kingdom. The Kingdom is egalitarian after a fashion. Gender and birth offer no barrier to advancement, which is determined almost solely by each individual’s personal merit. Hobgoblins eschew strong attachments, even to their young. Matings are matters of convenience, and are almost always limited to hobgoblins of equal rank. Any resulting baby is taken from its mother and forcibly weaned after 3 weeks of age. Young mature quickly—most take no more than 6 months to learn to talk and care for themselves. Hobgoblins’ childhoods last a scant 14 years, a mirthless span filled with brutal training in the art of war.

There are three subraces of Hobgoblins: Aegeans, Argeans and Aveneans. Adjustments to the standard hobgoblin racial abilities are:

Aegeans are the most common hobgoblin They are fast and hardy, receiving a +2 racial trait bonus to Dexterity and Constitution. Aegeans also receive the greed and intimidating racial abilities..

Argeans are the most scholarly of their race. They are quick in mind and body, receiving a +2 racial trait bonus to Dexterity and Intelligence. Argeans also receive the skilled racial ability and either the academician or obsessive racial ability.

Aveneans have kept their war-like tendencies of their hobgoblin ancestors. They are powerful and sturdy, receiving a +2 racial trait bonus to Strength and Constitution. They also receive intimidating racial ability and a natural armor bonus of +1.

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Mortals - Hobgoblins

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