Realms - Axteil


The glorious southern stronghold is built from the blood marble of the Shadow Mountains along the Alterian Sea. The elderly ruler of this Dukedom is Duke Leodegar Theutgaud. His strongest allies are Duke Tygard II of Wynstil and the Stratocracy of Avenell. The walls of this city have withstood all assailants since its founding over 3,000 years ago.

Derdarian Kagurkh is the 19th Hazard of Axteil. A hobgoblin of noble stature, his cousin is the Marshall of the Stratocracy of Avenell.

Politics & Social Structure

Although feeble and unable to walk, Duke Leodegar Theutgaud is a cunning politician. Over the past 60 years, he has built a network of alliances with all of the other Dukedoms, except Alarid, and with many of the other cultures. He has married several daughters and both of his sisters into the nobility of the other dukedoms. He trades liberally with the elves, giving them low cost to many resources from the Shadow Mountains. His military pacts with the hobgoblins of Avenell are kept secret from many of the other dukes.

His current ambition is wedding his youngest daughter to the Duke of Wynstil, ensuring a peace between the two western dukedoms for years to come. The Duke’s eldest son is hot-tempered and the elderly Leodegar is already considering naming his other son the heir to the dukedom.

Set upon the Alterian Ocean, his dukedom is hardly threatened by Leyrtis.





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Realms - Axteil

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