Realms - Basgeil


Originally built as a naval stronghold, this city has patrolled the central Rynin Sea being ever vigilant of the rising threat of Leyrtisian Empire. The current Duke of Basgeil is Theodrekr Kritikou, who succeeded his aunt, Kassia Kritikou, who died without an heir. For three years, Basgeil was ruled by a senate of the elite families of the city. Finally, Theodrekr returned to Basgeil having sailed for five years in the Rynin Sea defending the city from the Leyrtisians.

Politics & Social Structure

Having taken rule of Basgeil in the past decade, Theodrekr is trying desperately to expand the influence of his dukedom. He is ambitious and ruthless. Trained as a military leader, the subtleties of politics has escaped him until several recent set backs have cost him his alliance with Quonos. He has a three-way treaty with Derncape and Alarid against any common enemies. He has another, older, treaty with Derncape contingent on receiving valuable inland resources from them.

He has offered his sister to the Duke of Wynstil, although the young duke’s answer has not been forthcoming. He has met and discussed reaffirming his alliance with Axteil, although he is uncertain of the older duke’s intentions. He has solid relations with Avenell, albeit mainly around trade. He is aware that the hobgoblins covet the tactical position of the city of Basgeil and are likely looking for an opportunity to establish a military presence further north along the shores of the Rynin Sea.





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Realms - Basgeil

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